Which Casino Game Has The Best Odds Of Winning?

Wouldn’t it be nice to know which casino games are most favorable for the player? Of course, the House may not think so, but they carry these games, nonetheless - for the simple reason that these games garner the greatest amount of traffic; so much so that they are actually even more profitable than the ones where the House has an edge - such as in American Roulette with the double 00. Sure, it can be quite fun to play online casino games mostly for the excitement of trying to beat the gods of probability at their own game; however, if there isn’t at least some money on the line, then we have the distinct feeling of missing out.

The Basics of Determining the House Edge

Because of the significant payout differences between the games that exist inside of the average casino (those with a variety of such games, anyway), you are best off finding out the casino payout rate as the first step in maximizing your game winning intentions. From this rate, you can determine what the House’s Edge is; and thus, the probabilistic advantage held by the House in any particular game inside the Lobby. Keep in mind that skill does play a part in games of chance; the better you understand the game and different strategies, the greater the amount you can decrease the natural edge possessed by the Casino House. In the following, we take a look at the casino games that have the best odds of winning – from top to bottom. We will only cover table games here.

1. Blackjack is the Casino Game with the Best Odds of Winning

There are numerous variations of the table game, Blackjack, inside most casinos – in fact, if 21 isn’t present, they have no business calling themselves a casino at all! So, why are there so many different persuasions of this most popular of games (poker is a close second, and then video slots take the cake)? All of the differences stem from the presence of a deck of 52 cards. The most traditional form is single-deck Blackjack, and the House Edge in this one is lowest (best for you the player), starting at 1.5% and increasing for multi-decks.

The most consistent method for taking advantage of the low House Edge in Blackjack is making sure that your starting bankroll is adequate. From there, an tried-and-true strategy of consistent betting as found on the web can see you through to a favorable ending. Keep in mind, too, that you often get a Welcome Bonus consisting of the casino’s cash with which to play. For this reason, Blackjack is number 1 and the casino game with the best odds of winning.

2. Craps – the Specialty Game that Is Anything But

On street corners all over the world – especially, but not limited to, the inner cities – the game of craps has found a home for the gambler. Indeed; this is one of the reasons that it has found an unmistakably successful transition to the online space. At first glance, it can be a bit surprising that craps has such a following; given that it’s got quite a few rules associated with playing it correctly. But upon closer inspection, the fact that the House Edge runs between 5% and 1.4% makes things clearer. This is one of the flat-out lowest percentages you’ll find in any game not named Blackjack.

Although the average House Edge is closer to 5%, there is a particular don’t pass or don’t bet option that possess a superior House Edge of just 1.4% - which is a benefit to the gamer, of course.

3. Baccarat – The French Contribution

With a House Edge that is slightly higher than that of the “best” version of Craps, Baccarat has enjoyed plenty of publicity over the years. It’s a simple game, and tends to appeal to the strange collection of people who do not like video slots. With a House Edge of just 1.5%, you’ve got a darn good chance of walking away from this game in the blue – as long as you’ve got a solid strategy and bankroll, and the discipline to stick to it.

Baccarat, at its very heart, is a simple game with an easy-to-follow layout once you understand the difference between it and roulette. As the online casino gamer, you occupy the position of the “punter”, and are only capable of betting on either the Player, Banker or the Tie. The only distinction between the two in a financial sense is that money associated with the Banker; you do need to put up a nominal fee to play on this one. Other than that, the overall game odds are more favorable to the player than any other casino game not named 21 or Craps.

4. Three Card Poker

The centerpiece of this game is obvious from the name – it is just another one of the many variants of the table game, poker. Overall, poker is nearly as popular as Blackjack, and the three-card variation enjoys a House Edge of just 1.5% at the base level. It has alternately been described as more of a high-octane game than the original option that carries its namesake, in that it can be played at a very rapid pace. The House Edge of 1.5% makes it doubly attractive, although this edge can rise for slightly different alterations. Ultimately, whatever payout is on tap is dependent on the cards possessed by the table game dealer.

How the game starts: first, your virtual dealer will hand you 3 cards from the deck of 52; he/she will also put down three cards for the House, itself. Any other players joining you in, say, Tournament Play, will also receive the same number of hits. Whoever gets King High will get the most lucrative returns if that is what’s chosen at the start; as the player, veterans recommend that you opt instead for Queen High to activate the highest probability that you get the money you gambled back. Three-Card Poker is also called Tri-Card Poker at various online casinos – but the rules are the same for each type.

5. Video Slots

Although the sheer variety of these in the online gaming casino arena makes them a viable threat to the eminence of poker and Blackjack, video slots do not perform quite as well in terms of the house Edge benefiting the player. Nonetheless, when you do win – you can take home a bundle of cash to outstrip what’s possible from all the other table games. The House Edge with slots runs from 2% to 10%, and the slot is like the Aircraft Carrier of the Navy – it’s the king of the House. In fact, all of the extra prizes, bonuses and promotions that are often associated with the pokey (another name for slots, courtesy of the Land Down Under), is a result of the increasingly-competitive play. Slots are often the newcomer’s game of choice when downloading casino software and creating a new account.

As a result of the competitiveness to produce better and better slots for the public, the House Edge can be reduced significantly if you play mostly 5 reel video slots that have lots of benefits. Thus, look for those with multiple free spins, bonus features, paying scatters and substituting wilds – which mean, avoid the Classic 3 Reel Slots if you want to minimize the House Edge.

6. European Roulette – With the Single Zero

There are actually two versions of roulette; the American version and the European version. It’s actually closer to the truth to say that these are the two primary versions; there exist minute variations in different casino houses. The main difference between the two is that the European version of roulette has better odds; being in possession of a single zero gives the House only a slight chance. The American version, however, has the double zero phenomenon, which stacks the deck decidedly against the real money player. So, then, why even play the latter? Because of the much better promotions that are often attendant with it to offset the increased House Edge.

There’s a reason why roulette is the single most frequently played non-poker of Blackjack table game on this side of the world (the US, in Atlantic City and Las Vegas). You can find the European version easily online, so opt for that one for the better odds. The straight bets are 35-1, even though there are 37 options on the wheel. The House edge is from 2.5% and up for European, single zero roulette, and it gets a lot higher for double zero roulette since there are now 38 selections on the grand old wheel.

7. Pai Gow Poker – From the Orient?

You can tell from the name that this is yet another of the many wonderful things that Oriental culture has given the world. Pai Gow poker has a distinctly Chinese aura about it, which makes sense, since it is visually a fusion of Chinese dominoes and traditional poker. It has been described as some of the most fun you can have while playing any of the many poker variants, and with the double chance at winning provided by the game’s unique genesis, the House Edge is a lot smaller than many of the other members of the poker clan.

In fact, in Pai Gow Poker, the already paltry House Edge of 2.5% (it starts from this and goes higher for different variations) is abrogated further by the fact that it is possible to end up with two winning hands! Thus, out of a total of seven cards, you can win doubly in Pai Gow Poker – which makes it definitely one of the casino games with the best odds of winning.

8. Caribbean Stud Poker – Be a Stud and Beat the House Edge

Now, the House Edge is starting to get up there – although it is still considered paltry enough to qualify the respective casino games as having some of the best odds for the player that you can find. Trailing the pack (from the perspective of the House) in this group is Caribbean Stud Poker, which grants the House Edge a solid 5%. What’s the difference, exactly, between this and so-called stud poker, the base game? Well, the Caribbean variant is tailor-made for the virtual realm, because your poker face is a non-issue here.

Starting things off here is simple and straightforward: simply wager a so-called ante bet to get the dealer’s attention. Since the dealer’s cards are actually face up for all to see, you can next decide if you want an extra card – remember, this is poker, so you cannot see your own cards. How close are the dealer’s cards, is the statistical question. As for the final reason why Caribbean Stud Poker, with its minimum 5% House Edge, might be such a desirable alternative to traditional poker, it has something called a jackpot bet. Tune in to find out more.

9. Video Poker – The Seminal Digital Option

Video poker is a hot topic, because of its ability to combine the attractive visual aspect of the video slot, with the old time classic game of poker. You simply cannot have a casino without poker, of course, and the House edge ranges from 5% to 0.5%. In fact, some say that if you possess a veteran’s collection of tricks and strategies, the House edge can actually be 0%! Don’t hang your hat on this, though, as it could be “bro-science” – the kind of thing that gets passed around as fact, but actually has no scientific backing in reality. Just play video poker at casinos that offer Welcome Bonuses and specific promotions highlighting poker play, and you’ll be in prime position to edge out the House if you’ve also got a good strategy. The best video poker games out there for the real money gamer are Deuces Wild and Jacks or Better – these are confirmed games of both skill and luck.

10. Backgammon is Back

Although, in truth, Backgammon never left. If you’re a relative newbie, you probably have not played this one before – even though it is actually one of the more popular online casino games in existence. It is reminiscent of the game Othello in its setup; but there, the similarities end. Backgammon is an ancient game that requires multiple players and involves dice and “points.” An object (coin, whatever) is tossed as a so-called jump bet; you or your opponent roll the dice first and whoever’s number most closely corresponds to or matches the number displayed on the dice wins the payout. There’s some more involved stuff about jump bets and out bets – but the in-game manual can instruct you about those better than we can here. Most importantly, the House Edge is adequate here and runs between 6.39% and 4.82%.