What Are The Odds Of Winning On A Slot Machine?

Figuring out the odds of winning on a slot machine is an especially interesting endeavor, given that Americans (as well as gamers from all over the world) infuse the online casino market with billions of dollars every single year. Indeed; they also take billions in prize money, which is one of the chief reasons why the market shows growth spurts annually. You can expect it to get even bigger, too, given the exceptional improvement in the processing power of mobile devices like tablets, ultrabooks and smartphones.

The most important consideration when playing slots is to pick the best games, at the best casinos. The numbers don’t lie; progressive video slots such as Megasaur Slots can reward gamers heroically when they download the casino software and play for real money - but there are, of course, other pokeys that perform admirably. Generally, you want to stick with gaming halls such as Ignition Casino, Betonline Casino, Intertops Casino, Liberty, Lincoln Casino, 888 Tiger Casino, etc.

The Inner Workings of the Real Money Slot

A completely random slot is governed by technology - and not by the hands of man. There is a device called an EPROM computer chip that is installed inside the digital and virtual slot machine, which additionally harbors a random number generator. What does this ensure? That your previous wins and or losses are utterly independent of the combination of numbers that proceed. Basically, if we’re talking about rolling dice, the fact that you roll a 3 now has no effect on the next number you roll. By the laws of probability, this is the only way the games can be “fairly” played - if successive rolls were dependent on each other, then the mathematics behind all games of chance would fall apart.

When you spin the reels of a slot, the computer chip inside the machine ascribes numbers to that particular result on the reel. It is the random number generator that “conjures” the number; if it is a “rare” result, then by definition, the more separately prescribed numbers are ascribed to aht result - making it “harder” to match the result on your end. The EPROM chip is what compares the numbers from the random number generator on your end, and the numbers that have been ascribed to the results to which you have access. If they match, then you win.

In order for casinos to make money and be able to operate, the total sum is lower than 100% - but very close to 90% or above. Your chances of coming away with a win result from multiplying the chances that an outcome results by the assigned payout - in fact, this is what the pay table does for you, so you needn’t concern yourself with the mathematics.

The House Edge in Slot Machines - Both Analog and Virtual

Continuing what was written above, fact of the matter is that slot machines are rigged against the player (slightly). If they were not, then they wouldn’t exist because the casino House wouldn’t make any money and thus could not pay for overhead and use. Although, statistically speaking, you would lose at slots anyway, you end up losing more than would be predicted by the mathematics in order for slots-playing to be a business. There is no skill involved; which is one of the reasons for the many lights and action creeping into the 5 reel video slot of modern times. The only way to influence how your slots games turn out is by having a disciplined strategy of gaming based on the pay table results, and knowing when to quit as pertains to your starting bankroll.

For example, if you walk into or log on to a casino and play a progressive such as Megasaur Slots, the amount of money available makes this a worthwhile slot to play for real money. Even if you bet just a little, but employ every single one of the active paylines, you only lose a little when you lose, but win a lot when you win (as long as the coin denominations you choose are small). If you have a sizable bankroll and keep all paylines active, then you stand to win a life-changing amount of money.

Odds Examples for a Slot Machine

Let us consider a slot machine named King of Cats, which ahs symbols such as lions, cheetahs, leopards, jaguars and tigers. The cheetah is not actually a Big Cat; but since it is sizable, people unknowingly place it amongst the genus panthera. For three of a kind of the top-paying lion icon, your payour is 2500. The chances of getting this is 0.001% and the return is slated at 0.025. For the three tigers, the payout is 1000 coins and the chances of receiving this result is 0.015% with a return of 0.15. For the three jaguar symbols you would win 400 coins with a probability of 0.05% and a return of 0.25.

How Much Can You Make From Slots

This would be characterized by the slot payback percentage. For obvious reasons, the payback percentage most certainly cannot be 100% - otherwise the casino would stand a chance of going out of business on every prolonged lucky streak. Thus, the number is between about 75% to less than 100%. The actual take depends on tallying up the RTP (Return to Player) percentages on every game, and then subtracting this from 100%; over time scales long (relatively long), the resulting number tells you how much profit the House makes per bet - not per win or loss. This is why those formerly illegal underground or backroom card games held by the Italian mob were so popular as a means of making money for the gang - they make money every single game win or loss, since it is dependent on the number of bets that are made.

In sum, then, a House Edge of 7% means that the House collects $7 for every single $100 bet placed over time. Basically, this is like taxation! Which further explains why unlicensed casinos are illegal - the government cannot have a taxative competitor. The best thing you can do to maximize your chances at any casino is to work with a strategy that minimizes the House edge - don’t worry about winning it big, since this is entirely in the hands of probability.