How Do You Play Casino?

There are two to four players in this game with one deck of cards (jokers are taken out). Four cards are dealt to each player and four cards are placed in the middle of a table and they are face up and spread out to form a line. The player to the left of the dealer goes first. The player has to turn his or her card face up and place it on the table so that all players can see it. Then the player will use that card to try and build on or take as many cards as possible from the middle. This is called a build or capture. This sounds complicated to me. Perhaps if I play the game in Demo Mode, I will get a better understanding of it. Well, here we go!

Rules of the Game

There are several terms used in the game of casino, but it seems to me that the bottom line to winning is top get 21. The terms used, which you can certainly check in your free time, are:

  • Capture a Card by Pairing
  • Capture Cards by Combining
  • Capture Cards by Pairing and Combining
  • Building
  • Build on Builds
  • Trailing

How to Win the Game

In order to win the game Casino, a player has to score 21 points. There is a point system in this game. If no one achieves the minimum number, the points are not awarded. The first player to reach 21 points is the winner.

  • Majority of cards (27 or more): 3 points
  • Majority of spades (7 or more): 1 point
  • Big Casino (the 10♦): 2 points
  • Little Casino (the 2♠): 1 point
  • Aces (each): 1 point