Top Slots

We are in a brave new world of mobile slot game action, where it seems every new slot release is available to play across all platforms. So, it matters little whether you own an Android device, an iPad, an iPhone, a BlackBerry device or something different. In every case, you can look forward to a slew of new mobile slots coming your way almost daily.

Some of these hit the top of the table and prove to be the most popular slots around in many mobile casinos. You might spot some familiar titles as you become more familiar with mobile slot games. The top slots are always superb to play whenever you’ve got a few spare moments.

Are you new to playing slots on mobile devices?

Don’t worry – it is way easier and more convenient than you think. You can tap or swipe the controls as required, and most of these games have a practice play mode for you to try first. This means you can get the hang of how things work before placing any real wagers on the paylines.

Get spinning with three reels or five and watch out for All Ways Pays games alongside the ones with more familiar payline quantities. New slots are never far away, but the top slots are often those that have been around for a while and have proven their worth. Which ones are ranking well in the mobile casinos right now?

What makes a top slot so popular?

A good theme should form the backbone of a great slot everyone wants to play on tablets and smartphones. A top mobile slot should work well on a smaller screen too, since that is the reality of mobile casino action. The controls should be easy to use, and the rules should be easy to understand.

That doesn’t mean all mobile slots should be simple – far from it. Enjoyment is the name of the game, and many players love trying the top slots around now. Some prove more successful than others, and it is these titles that qualify for the top slots name. Are you going to check out our recommendations – and are you ready for the latest additions to our list?