What is Pragmatic Play Enhance?

The official Pragmatic Play website is a great place to look around. While you could spend ages exploring their many engaging slot games and other gaming titles, you might miss mention of Pragmatic Play Enhance. You wouldn’t want to though, as it is quite impressive to read about.

Pragmatic Play Enhance – an in-game tool

You can enjoy many superb games from this developer, but if you join a casino using their Enhance tool as well, you can expect an even better outcome. According to the official description, Enhance is an ‘in-game promotional tool’ that is going to offer the player even more to look forward to.

Tournaments become part of the action

Most players love tournaments, and in this case, you can look forward to visiting casinos offering their games and adding tourneys to the mix too. The casino has the option to choose which criteria can be selected for winners to achieve, so there could be different tournament outcomes depending on the game.

Prize Drops also feature

Another key feature of the Enhance platform is the casino’s ability to introduce Prize Drops. They are just as good as they sound, offering lots of prize-winning options aside from the regular features in the games.

Remember, any of the Pragmatic Play slot games can be boosted by offering these features if the casino chooses to do so. It might be a reason to select one casino over another too, as you would guess.

Other potential features you might spot

There are other things to look out for too whenever you visit a Pragmatic Play casino. These include free bonuses such as free spins across the board or available to those who choose to wager slightly more on each spin. Since these can be customized by the casino, it’s worth comparing different ones offering games from the developer to see who comes out on top.

They’ve even thought of some scratch card bonuses, which is a good way to give something extra to slot game players who may not have tried these games before. Pragmatic Play is most famous for its slots, but it does have a few scratch cards, so this could be a good reason to check those out.

Pragmatic Play Enhance is intended for casinos, so they can provide an enhanced offering to their players. Find a casino to try it at and we think you’ll be delighted with what you see.