Slot Game Options

Supernova Casino uses a space theme to impress you from the second you arrive. This is a casino packed with games of all kinds, but we know many players go there to play slots above all else.

If you are among them and you want to know more, rest assured you can try lots of games from Rival Gaming at Supernova Casino today. That presents a problem of its own though, because Rival is known for having a huge collection of games to dip in and out of.

Fortunately, Supernova has divided those games into three areas. Let’s go through them to see what you should expect.

Start with the i-Slots

Rival is home of the i-Slot – a term given to their unique interactive slots. What does that mean? Simply that the slot game isn’t quite the same as your regular slots – in a good way.

You can expect to find lots of i-Slots in the collection at Supernova Casino. These titles are among the listings:

Sherwood Forest Fortunes Hole in Won: The Back Nine Wild Safari

In each case, the bonus rounds are the interactive portion of the games. You’ll get a different take on them each time they trigger. Alternatively, they might be connected to the theme. In the golfing example above, you get to play a round of golf!

Three-reel slots

These are the classics – the games with three reels and one or more paylines. Rival Gaming doesn’t tend to go in for lots of fruity titles though. Instead, their games are based on many diverse themes. Here are some examples:

Flea Market (featuring fleas!) Eggstravaganza Crazy Camel Cash

Whatever themes you love most, you’ll probably find something in this section that appeals. You’re also likely to feel as if you’re playing bigger games than ones with just three reels and maybe one payline.

Video slots

The third portion of slots at Supernova Casino gives you the chance to try all the five-reel slots. There are lots of these available from Rival Gaming, and you’ve got an opportunity to explore many themes once more.

Here are three more examples, all in the video slots section:

Shamrock Isle Astral Luck Ice Picks

If you like your games to have more reels and paylines, this is the section to dip into at Supernova Casino. If you’re new there, make sure you claim your welcome treat when you sign up. It’s a great way to make more of your first deposit.