Play Free Slots Online

Every slot game is based around a theme. Even the simplest game, based on three reels with nothing but fruit to look for, is based on a classic slot game theme.

Beyond that, of course, there are many other entertaining games that focus on more complex and popular themes. Playing free slots online is a superb way to make sure you know which themes you'd like to spend your gaming budget on.

Free slots carry no risk

Some casinos do ask you to open an account to access their free demo slots. However, they do not ask you to deposit anything when you do this. There is usually a welcome offer available, but you can claim this later if you do eventually deposit some cash at that casino.

When you play a free slot game, you are accessing the practice version. It comes with practice credits that you cannot withdraw from the game. In every other respect, though, you are playing an identical game when comparing it to the real one. This gives you experience and knowledge - ideal for figuring out whether a game has a good theme.

Try as many demo slots as you can

You'll soon realize that slot games have all kinds of varied themes. Some of the popular ones include:

  • Ancient Egypt
  • Pirates
  • Animals
  • Ancient Rome
  • Asian slots
  • Treasure-filled slots
  • TV and movie tie-ins

There are countless other themes too though, so experimenting with some free slots online gives you the chance to work out which themes you like most.

Different developers take on identical themes in different ways

You'll soon notice this when you try a wider range of free slots online. We've played games based on the pirate theme from three or four developers and found we love some but dislike others.

A lot depends on what the developer includes in each game. It can be a basic three-reel, three-row slot with no notable features. Conversely, it could have five reels, multiple paylines, free spins, and bonuses to unlock.

However, when you play free slots to help you select a theme, it gives you lots more information to go on. You'll find, as we did, that you go for a few themes above all others. We all have our favorites.

Be ready to try new themes too though. Some developers mix two or three themes together, leading to something else that might catch your eye. Which slot game - and which theme - are you going to try today?