How to Choose Your Mobile Slot

The explosion in mobile gaming in the last 18 months has meant that so many online slots have now been optimized for play on mobile devices, and no matter what device you prefer to use, you'll find a staggering choice available. Most mobile slots are available for both Android and iOS operating platforms, and recently the number available for Windows phone and others has increased, but what makes a good mobile slot, and which one should you choose?

So Much Choice

With so many options available, you may take the path of, 'oh well, I may as well try them all!' and that's not a bad thing to do at all, as you will for sure come across more than a few that you will enjoy playing, but what are the stand out features that you should consider above all else? Firstly you'll need to know that you can actually play the slot, and although it's taken US mobile slots a little while to catch on, they are now offered by so many great US online casinos, and the quality of them is simple outstanding. So firstly and foremostly, you'll need a US online casino that offers a mobile casino too, and there are some great options available. Secondly and just as importantly you'll want a theme that entertains you, and with the recent increase in the amount of slots available, this should not be a problem. You'll discover many great mobile slots themes, you may even discover that your favorite online slot has been optimized for mobile. The key here is, once you have your casino, take a look at their mobile slots selection.

Optimized and User Friendly

To find out whether or not you find the mobile slot easy to navigate and therefore user friendly, you'll obviously need to check it out for yourself. You can read all you want about the slot, but until you actually play it for yourself, you will not be sure if it's the correct slot for you. It sounds like common sense, but make sure that that you actually enjoy playing the slot and that the 'playability' is ok for you. Are the buttons big enough? Is it easy to change your wagering amounts etc? Does the color scheme and overall design suit you? Take a while, even spin for free if you can, and then make your decision.

Mobile Slots Features

You'll want a mobile slot that offers you all the features that you would find in a modern five reel video slot. The wild symbols, the bonus rounds, freespins, scatter symbols and more. While almost all new mobile slots will offer these, it's something that you may wish to check before you play. The most important thing is that you enjoy playing the mobile slot, and with so much choice available, if you think that it's not for you, then it's on to the next one.