We are all possibly a little guilty of using our smartphones or tablets a little much, the thing is that they are just so handy, so easy to use and save us so much time when carrying out everyday online tasks such as answering emails, taking a look at the news or connecting with friends on social media. With our online habits changing dramatically over the last few years and so many more people switching on their mobile device rather than use the home computer, this means the way we get our online entertainment is changing too, and playing slots on our mobile devices is now commonplace. The convenience afforded to us by our smartphones and tablets means that a whole new slots experience is available to us, and many people are enjoying it.

The Variety of Mobile Slots

Just a short time ago you would have been pushed to find a US mobile casino that offered anything more than just a few mobile slots, and maybe mobile blackjack if you were lucky, however that is not the case anymore. As the smartphone and tablet market has increased, due to a drop in prices combined with a much better product, then the demand for everything mobile has risen, and this of course means mobile casinos and slots. Now you will find that mobile casinos boast a great array of wonderful mobile slots, each delivered with stunning graphics and brilliant effects that provide a thrilling experience, often bettering their online counterparts in high definition graphics and gameplay.

You will now find a huge variety of mobile slots with many themes, and they just keep coming as US slots development companies optimize their online slots portfolios. You can now find mobile casinos that offer many 5 reel mobile slots, 3 reel classic slots and even mobile progressive slots that can pay life changing amounts, directly from your mobile device.

All Devices at Catered For

Mobile slots development companies also realize that there are many types of mobile devices available and of course various operating platforms too and therefore they will optimize slots for multiple devices and platforms. With Apple iOS and the Android operating system being the dominant platforms almost all casinos will cater for these, however many casinos will function perfectly on Windows Phone and Blackberry too, adding to the convenience. There’s just so many benefits to enjoying slots on your mobile device and now in casinos that offer both mobile and regular online desktop casinos, when opening a new casino account your login details will work in both, giving you access to online and mobile that’s convenience.

Do We Expect Too Much from New Slot Games?

How do you feel when you know one of your favorite software developers is about to release a new game? Do you feel excited, eager to give it a try? Do you feel as if you cannot possibly see or play anything more exciting than the games you have already tried?

Do we make it too difficult to enjoy a new slot game, simply because we expect too much from it? Let’s find out more.

What makes a good slot game?

Lots of elements can combine to create a good slot. While there are many good ones around, it is arguably far harder to find an excellent game to play that everyone will love. We all like different things, so it would be hard to determine whether a new slot will satisfy us until we have tried it for ourselves.

Is there any territory we have yet to cover in online slots?

There must surely be. Look at the new Max Quest game, for example, which takes on a role-playing stance rather than providing players with reels to spin.

Even if reels are present and correct, it could still mean we end up treading in areas we have visited many times before. It is hard to think of a theme that hasn’t been covered yet, but we are sure there are plenty of them. Sometimes, it is a question of mixing two themes together that haven’t been mixed before. We just played a slot featuring a zombie rock band, for example. Have you ever seen that before?

What could make a slot game a huge success?

No one knows the exact formula to deliver a popular, successful slot game. No doubt many software developers have a good idea of what works and what doesn’t. However, even with some insider knowledge, there is no way of determining the elements that are sure to create a successful slot game.

With lots of games to play, it is heartening that we still enjoy finding out more about new slot games whenever they are released. It is only when that excitement fades that we might end up sliding into the feeling that we cannot hope to see anything new. A new element of a slot does not need to involve a new theme or stance. It could mean something entirely different. So, there are new experiences yet to be had, for sure.

Where to Play Online Slots (No Matter Where You Live)

There are plenty of online casinos to visit online today – with more popping up all the time. However, let’s be clear about something. Not every player is going to be able to visit every casino. Most of the online casinos limit the countries they can accept players from. This is often to do with their licensing agreements. So, while one casino might be US friendly, for example, the next one may not be.

So, learning where to play online slots does depend on your location. We can recommend the best casinos for US players. We can recommend the best casinos for European players too. But you may need to do a little bit of research to discover the best casino you could visit and play at.

Look for casinos that welcome players from your own country

You might also need to check you’re welcome to sign up from your jurisdiction. The best example of how this works concerns the USA. Many states are welcome at US-friendly casinos, but some prohibit play from a handful of states. Always check this first.

How can you find out where to play?

Some casinos have geo-specific software in place. This means if you try to visit from a country or locale that is prohibited to sign up, you won’t even be able to see the home page. Other casinos bar you from trying to sign up if you decide to do so, even if you can look around before attempting to join.

But you cannot always rely on this being the case. It does make life easier, but if this doesn’t work, we always suggest reading through the terms and conditions on the site. Most casinos provide a link to these – albeit usually a small one – at the bottom of the site.

There will be one of two things in those Ts and Cs:

  1. A list of prohibited countries you can check to see if you can sign up
  2. A message stating that it is your responsibility to see if you can sign up
While there are sites online that reveal which countries are fine to join and which ones aren’t, you should also recognize the importance of double checking this for yourself. Never take a chance – confirm that a casino you like the look of does accept players from your area before signing up and making a deposit. It saves coming unstuck later.