Rtp Values for Red Dog Casino Games

One of the most important things you ought to know about a casino game is the return to player value. You'll see that represented by the letters RTP.

However, not all casinos include this information. Some individual games do include it in the paytable or info about the title. You cannot always spot it though.

Fortunately, Red Dog Casino has done something different. At the bottom of their website, you can see a link to the RTP information we mention here. Let's look closer and see what we can learn from this.

The RTP doesn't always match the game RTP

What do we mean by that? Red Dog Casino publishes the RTP stats every month. The statistics are based on the games and the players who have played them with real wagers.

This means some RTP values could be a lot higher or lower than the RTP given out by the provider. It occurs because the provider information (if there is any) calculates the return to player based on the lifetime of the game rather than on the performance over just one month.

Are there some unusual values there then?

There can be, yes. We spotted Deuces Wild with an RTP of 102.21%. This means it has paid out more than players paid in, but only over that month.

At the other end of the scenario, the Keno game had an RTP of just 8.19% last month. Surprising, yes, but we know the RTP over a game's lifetime is going to be way higher than that. Does it mean next month could produce more prizes to even the balance?

There is no way to tell, but as the casino points out, this is a superb way to figure out which games might hold more potential for the month ahead.

Adjust the RTP to show highest or lowest for that month

You'll spot an arrow beside each of the headings on this page at Red Dog Casino. The idea is to check out which games have the lowest RTP value. This could potentially indicate they have a chance to be 'loose' in the coming days or weeks.

Of course, there is no guarantee, but the information does give players something to look at when considering which titles to play.

Who won what?

Those columns can all be changed to reflect the highest or lowest statistic each time. We decided to change it to show the biggest win.

One of the most popular games, the slot called 777, also turned out to be responsible for the biggest prize. This was worth an impressive $26,976 and was won by Carl S. There were plenty more prizes reaching into five figures as well, so check those out if you want some inspiration.

This page may escape the attention of many players at Red Dog Casino. However, you know about it now, so think about whether you can use it to gain more knowledge about the games you can play there.