Bet Online Casino - New Beta Website

The design of an online casino may not appear to be the most important element it can offer. In a sense, it isn’t… but it does also influence how you view that casino.

So, we were interested to see that Betonline Casino has a new beta website to explore. When we arrived at the regular casino, we spotted a red banner across the top of the site, inviting us to switch to their new beta site.

We did… and this is what we thought of it.

A great new design

It does look better in beta mode – or at least we think so. Changing panels at the top of the home page tell you a little about various features you can see at Bet Online Casino.

You can also easily get to all the main areas of the site from there, including the casino itself. Since we are interested in the casino above all else, let’s see what it looks like.

The casino gives you several areas to explore

You’ll see these under the changing banner at the top of the page. You are taken into the lobby to start with, but it’s easy to switch to another area. You can choose from table games, slots, the live casino, some video poker, and specialty games.

Scroll a bit further and you will spot a few of the leading games to try, along with links to progressive jackpots and other major prizes. They also mention tournaments and promotions, all displayed in a series of panels. You can easily look from one to another to find out more about the site.

Popular games follow next

We liked this area because it is easy to glance across several games in seconds. There are different labels for some of them too, along with a few bits of info in some cases.

For example, they have an exclusive game called Forest Fortunes available. This has EXCLUSIVE written across the top in white writing on a green background. It also tells us there are random scatter prizes included in the game.

They don’t do this for all the games, but it is nice to see the technique when it is employed.

Visit Bet Online Casino today to see what you think

If this is your first visit, you should be directed to the existing design. You can switch to the new one by following the link they give you at the top of the site. It’s up to you to see what you think.