Beast of Wealth

Is this a beast you should steer clear of or get closer to for a proper look? Since Beast of Wealth is a slot game, we guess the latter is a good idea. We've checked it out already, and we're going to reveal some facts about the Beast of Wealth slot for you here.

One of a set of three slot games

Yes, it isn't just the Beast of Wealth you can play if you visit a casino offering Play'n Go slot games. You can try two others in the Wealth series too:

  • Temple of Wealth
  • Celebration of Wealth

We won't give away all the secrets, but we will say that if you like one, you'll probably like them all.

Four progressive jackpots on offer

Progressive jackpots are always difficult to trigger, but if you are going to play a progressive slot game, it makes sense to play one with four jackpots instead of one, right?

You can try the game in demo format to see what you think. In this case, you'll see the jackpots at the top of the reels, but the amounts are replaced with the word DEMO. How much could they be worth if you play for real, though?

Special symbols in the Beast of Wealth slot game

There are yin yang symbols on the reels that behave as scatters. Three or more award free games. You receive eight games with a chance to trigger more in the same way.

The game includes four beasts. If you trigger the free games, you are prompted to select a beast to appear during those games. All others do not appear. The fifth option is to select a mystery pick. This means a random quantity of symbols appear and a random beast is selected for you.

Meanwhile, a golden gong is used as the wild symbol.

Look out for a gold reel to appear

This is a random feature that can occur on a paid spin. If it does, watch and see if a wild symbol appears on that reel. If this happens, one of the four progressives is paid.

243 ways to net some prizes

There are lots of ways you could receive a prize on a spin. You can also play the game from just 10 cents per go. This makes it affordable for most players.

The game is a beast and has that theme running through it. The jackpots are there to be won too, and although the odds on doing that are long, it's nice to see them in action. There's plenty to like about the Beast of Wealth game. Maybe the other two titles in the series are worth a try too?