Terms and Conditions

There are some amazing features at many online casinos. Think of meeting your favorite characters as part of imagery included on the home page to draw you in. Think about the biggest promotions and tournaments, ready to claim and enter today. Think of a huge list of games to pore over, before choosing the one to begin with.

Amongst all those options, the terms and conditions are probably one of the dullest sections on any casino website. But let’s be clear – they are also one of the most important sections to read. We wonder how many players do read those Ts and Cs before they sign up or play at each casino. You should read them in full of course, and make sure you understand them. But you’ll want to get on and play those games too, we’re sure.

Don’t be fooled by the terms and conditions

Reading these pages is always hugely important because they reveal more about how the site works. Some of the rules are logical, such as preventing players from certain jurisdictions from playing there. There could be good reasons for this if their certificate and license only cover certain parts of the world. If you ignored that and played there anyway, you may miss out on winnings if you did score some prizes.

You can discover if there are any dubious rules in place

These might include wagering requirements that are above and beyond the usual levels you might see. There could be strict limits – and low ones too – on weekly withdrawals, and other rules that are usually frowned upon.

Learn as much as you can about any casino you are thinking of joining. Sure, you just want to sign up and play – we get that. But you also want to make sure you are playing at a casino you can trust. If the terms and conditions reveal some uncertain rules or regulations, you can scratch that casino off your list and look for a better one.

One final tip – do make sure you read some reviews for each casino you are thinking of joining. These usually cover the terms and conditions too – perhaps not in depth, but they do often highlight any drawbacks that might be involved. They sometimes do part of the hard work for you in that respect. Worth noting.