Real Money Options

Whenever you see an online casino slot to play, you probably want to see what the RTP is and what the potential prizes are like before you do anything else. That makes sense – after all, you want to be sure the game pays out a decent amount, and that it has lots of appealing prizes to be won. There are no guarantees, but if you are going to try some real money options, you want to be sure you are picking some of the best games to play.

Ushering the word budget into this arena might seem dull, but it’s important to make sure you know what you can afford to wager whenever you sit down to play online casino slots. Real money wagers can range from just a cent to many hundreds of dollars in the case of some games. You must make sure you know your limits and you’re ready to stick to a budget before you do anything else.

How to work out a budget

It’s good to think of online slot play as a form of entertainment. You should never play paid games of any type online to try and get hold of any money. No prizes are guaranteed – ever. You should always play for entertainment, within your budget, and stop when your budget is exhausted.

Always make sure you have enough money to pay for everything you need in life, from bills to daily outgoings. You should then have some cash left over for entertainment and other occasional purchases. Having an entertainment budget is a great idea, as it means you can use it to pay for tickets to see a movie or to visit a theme park. You can also use a slice of this budget to pay for your online casino slots, played for real money wagers.

Never deposit more than your budget into your casino account

It’s a good idea to be a member of just one online casino. However, if there are a couple you would like to sign up to, look out for a good deposit bonus to get you started. You would then need to split your budget for playing these games into two, depositing half of the affordable budget at each casino. You can deposit weekly if you wish, making sure you don’t deposit more than you can afford each week.

Which games are best to play on your budget?

We advise going for a slot game (or other game if you prefer) that has low coin values. There are plenty that start at one cent per coin, which means each wager is going to be as low as possible. Paylines each require a bet, and we always recommend covering all the lines to make sure you don’t miss out on a potential prize.

The other option is to choose a 243-ways slot, where all possible combinations are covered. This requires a spin bet rather than choosing a coin value, but plenty of games give you the chance to play a 243-ways slot from as little as 20 cents a time.

You can see that by assessing your budget before you play, you can make sure you never go over that budget. Stick to games you can afford to play, and get the most out of every session of online slot game play you participate in. Remember, enjoyment is most important – prizes are a bonus.