What Is The Best Game To Play At The Casino To Win Money?

In the world of online gaming - which mirrors the world of offline gaming, obviously - there are plenty of games inside that stand a good chance of winning the real money player loads of cash and prizes. However, since they are all games of chance, one should gravitate towards the games that have better odds (as in, odds in favor of the player, over the House). Because it costs money to keep these establishments running, the House always win a little bit simply by you playing their games; the trick to maximizing your own gains is to manage your bankroll, and stick to the best options from the multitude of gaming subsections:

  • Table Games - these include all-time favorites such as Blackjack, Roulette, Poker and many more
  • Specialty Games - these take care of the games that are not otherwise easily classified as table games; such as Craps, Keno, Bingo and slots/table games combinations
  • Video Poker - this is pretty self-explanatory; you will find numerous variations of poker here, digitized to your heart’s delight
  • Video Slots - the current King of the online casino gaming world, with top slot-makers like Real Time Gaming, Genesis Gaming, Novomatic, Betsoft and others churning out new options every single month

Rating the Gaming Options

LEt’s begin with one of the all-time favorites, which has gotten especially robust in recent years, as the mobile revolution took root and exploded out the gate. Video slots are very attractive now, especially with the ability to play with just a few coins, and still win big if you choose the right slots. The beauty of this one for newcomers is that it requires virtually no skill; just an understanding of the odds, as well as the size of the bankroll that would give you a chance at seeing returns after multiple spins. The average slot has a return-to-player ratio of about 95% (rounded up); which means you can expect a win every few minutes. Now the trick, of course, is to get a BIG win during one of these spinning binges - that is left entirely up to chance.

The primary thing that gives video slots a chance when compared to all-time winningest table games like Blackjack and Poker, is the fact that progressive jackpots are a thing. With a game like Real Time Gamng’s Megasaur Slots, for example, a beginner could very well walk away a millionaire!

Casino Games Where Skill Matters

Roulette, of course, is still a game of chance no doubt; but an understanding of the odds still gives you a better chance than the average person of winning. Know what the reds and blacks are; especially, understand the difference between the European version and the American version - hint: one has a more robust built-in edge of zeros. Sure; you can turn it entirely into a fun game of chance by going all in on red or black, but the laws of probability don’t care who you are, and you stand as much a chance to lose it all as you do to win it all. Thus, the same sage rules apply: only wager as much as you can afford to lose.

A better example of a game of skill is Blackjack; poker is in on this, as well. If you have a solid grasp of probability and statistics, then you can parlay these into a winning strategy over the long run. But that’s the thing - you have to have enough of a bankroll to play for the long run, since that is when, statistically-speaking, wins begin to eventually manifest themselves. It can happen early, of course, but that is all luck.

Basically, if you want to certify a long-term edge against the casino house, a strong, consistent strategy is a must. Especially in video poker, if you truly know what you’re doing and play for the long-term, then you can actually wind the House edge down to zero! Ultimately, it boils down to a triumvirate of elements in your overall strategy: discipline when gambling, bankroll management, and of course, a tried-and-true strategy.

Ultimately, when playing these games of chance - especially the ones like blackjack and poker that have a bit of skill involved - you shouldn’t worry much about all the different attributes and considerations that you might find on message boards and gaming manuals. No matter what, your goal should be to reduce the House edge. This is the most certain way to gain an advantage in a game of chance. Do not be pulled into a single lucky win of a million bucks (although if you win that much; you should take your money and vacate the premises expeditiously). Out of all the available games, the best game to play at the casino to win money is poker.