Do Casinos Pump Oxygen Into The Air?

There are lots of rumors swirling around real casinos – the ones you find in Las Vegas, for example. Some rumors are true, but is it really the case that casino management pumps more oxygen into the air?

The idea is that doing so would help players stay more alert and ready to play for longer, instead of starting to feel tired after a while. Maybe you have been to a casino. If so, there probably came a moment when you felt tired and needed a break. You probably decided to do one of two things – go outside for some air or maybe head for somewhere to get a bite to eat to refresh you a bit.

Whatever decision you made at that point, you’d be stepping away from the tables or the slot machines. That means you cannot spend any more money there. That’s bad news for the casinos, right? So, the air thing does make sense.

However, while we can find no firm answer on the legitimacy of this rumor, we think we’ll call it as a fake. For starters, we cannot imagine it would be safe. Oxygen encourages the spread of fire, so if one was started in a casino that was adding oxygen to the air, there would be a huge disaster waiting to happen.

We think the idea of this move came from a Seventies novel written by a certain Mario Puzo, famous as the author of The Godfather among other books. He wrote about casinos using this trick for the purpose of keeping players awake and playing for longer. But that was a book, and while the idea might be appealing to casino owners, we cannot imagine it would fly for real. But then, we cannot know for sure… can we?

That said, we should add that casinos have lots of ways to entice you inside and to keep you playing for as long as possible. Since adding more oxygen to the air would be a method that was potentially dangerous to use, we guess they will stick with other far safer methods to use. If we hear otherwise, we’ll be sure to let you know.