What Is Max Bet?

If not, you should know this is the case – and you should certainly know what it refers to.

Each game you play has a minimum and maximum amount that could be wagered. If you are playing a table game, you’re likely to see different chips you could play with. In the case of a slot machine, you’ll see a minimum and maximum coin value to play on each line. In this instance, you might also be permitted to play more than one coin on each line.

The max bet simply tells you the maximum total amount you could play on a specific game. If a slot has coins ranging from one cent to $10, the maximum coin would be $10. If that same slot has 50 lines, that would mean the max bet would work out to $500. You multiply the line quantity by your coin value to get your wager amount. If the same game allowed more than one coin per line, you’d need to consider that too.

Our advice is to make sure you check which coin you have chosen before you play. You should also make sure you have selected the right quantity of lines if appropriate. Look too and see if you have selected multiple coins per line if this is an option. Most games offering the chance to place the maximum total wager have a button that allows you to do this with one click or tap.

Many players do not like betting the maximum amount, as it could wipe out their budget (and then some) in one go. It is usually far better to stay at the lower end of the wager selection. This means you can get the best array of bets for your budget. Steer clear of that max bet button if you can.