Do Slot Machines Accept Cash?

Yes. Most slot machines at land-based casinos accept cash albeit dollar bills. The amount is anywhere from $1 to $100. In fact, in the 1990s, it was MGM who implemented the Ticket-In, Ticket Out method. This method is still being used today. Here’s how it works: Using whatever amount you wish to bet, at the end of your game play you can click on the cash out button and the slot machine will print out a ticket denoting how much you have won and/or how much is left after you have played. You can take this ticket to use at other slot machines, or you can take the ticket to a cashier or machine to cash out.

Smart Cards

Another method used at many land-based casinos is Smart Cards. When a player visits a land-based casino, they can be loaded with cash. The player can use this card to play any of the slot machines. The slot keeps a record of the amount of cash used on that particular machine – wins and losses. The basis of these smart cards enables patrons of the casino to use them not only to play slots, but as room keys, passes for parking, and any programs the casino offers. The card solves an existing problem in which the Ticket-In, Ticket-Out may create, that is, running out of paper.

Online Casinos and Bitcoins

On the other hand, when you play at online casinos you first have to join, make a deposit, and begin play. However, many online casinos do not accept credit cards or debit cards, at least in the US. This problem has been solved through the use of Bitcoins. Online casinos who do accept Bitcoins make it that much easier for anyone to join an online casino in the US that accepts this and other cryptocurrencies.