Are Slot Machines Really Random?

The idea behind a slot machine is that each spin produces a random result. There are two types of slot machines – the ones you see in the big casinos and the ones you can play online. The online versions are controlled by random number generators. These are often referred to as RNGs. That said, offline slots are managed in the same way.

This means the outcome of each spin occurs at random from all the potential permutations that might occur. You cannot expect any spin to be related to the one before it, the one after it, or to any other spin on that same machine.

How can you be sure the slot you play online today is safe to try?

If you play a familiar slot at a reputable casino, you can be certain it will be safe to use and enjoy. The best casinos rely on independent testing to confirm the legitimacy of their games.

It makes sense to select a slot with the highest possible return to player percentage. Known as the RTP for short, it should be as close to 100% as possible. It will never be that high, as the casino providing the game must make a profit somehow. If the slot you choose has an RTP of 98%, it means the casino retains two dollars out of every $100 wagered on that game. The remaining $98 is given back to players as prize money.

Of course, you cannot guarantee that cash will come to you. Some might get saved into a progressive jackpot that will eventually drop in someone’s lap when they hit the right combo to make it happen. Over the course of all the bets placed on the game and all the players playing it, though, $98 in every $100 is returned as prize money.

Independent testing ensures all slots are random and meet regulatory requirements

You can be sure if a casino offered slots that didn’t provide random spin outcomes, it would soon be ferreted out and banned. If you stick with a reliable and trustworthy casino, you’ll know their slots are fine to play.

So, why do some players insist slots can be hot or cold?

Hot means a slot pays out several prizes in quick succession – possibly big ones. Cold means it has been a while since any major prizes have paid out on that machine.

Some players believe you can start playing a cold slot and then trigger a run of wins when the slot becomes hot. In reality, though, everything is random. Sure, you might end up getting some great wins in a row, but the chances are just as random as they would be for getting smaller prizes or even nothing at all.

The moral is to pick a trusted slot at a trusted casino and to enjoy the process of playing it.