Bitcoin Cash News

On August 1st 2017 a new cryptocurrency was created when the Bitcoin blockchain split, with Bitcoin Cash being created. The new coin came into being due to an ongoing dispute as to the way forward for Bitcoin with not all members of the Bitcoin community agreeing on the same course of action, and while Bitcoin itself continues to grow, Bitcoin Cash started making it’s first tentative steps. While still of course extremely new, early adoption by a leading online casino, that of ד will no doubt help with its growth, giving it the thumbs up that could possibly help bring Bitcoin Cash step out of the shadow of its big brother Bitcoin. is a flash and mobile casino that provides a huge amount of great video slots and casino table games to enjoy however at this moment in time the most amazing thing about this place to play is that it began accepting Bitcoin Cash deposits just two days after the coin was about fast action!

Bitcoin Cash is used in the exact same way as Bitcoin in fact the main differences are the tech spec and the increase in block size, and you'll find that using it as a casino banking option is just the same as when using Bitcoin, and it’s not only online casinos that are getting in there early as many of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges have welcomed the coin too. Kraken, Bittrex and OKCoin are now all allowing Bitcoin Cash trading, and we’re sure it won’t be long at all until more casinos, exchanges and wallets begin allowing transfers.

The growth in use of cryptocurrencies in online casinos will continue to grow, of that there’s little doubt. Cutting out the need for third parties, credit cards and bank transfers, Bitcoin will lead the way for the foreseeable future, however Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and even coins like Gamecredits are all in the chasing pack and the future looks bright for all.