The future of gaming and creating games has arrived and it is in the form of Decent. bet. This is an innovative idea that has slowly started to take off and it is the first of its kind in the world. The concept of decent. bet is that anyone with an idea will be able to create a game online for a predictive market or casino room that will be available for sharing on a peer to peer platform. In simple terms, this means that anyone with an idea can create a game through decent. Bet and share in the revenue of the game.

How the Future of Gaming Works

The decent. Bet platform works using Dbet tokens, one of the cryptocurrencies and in order to use the cryptocurrencies the player needs to purchase and store Dbet tokens in a wallet separate from the platform and anyone wanting to place bets must do so using Dbet tokens only. Creating the games is done using the Vechain platform and through a complex link of smart contracts and blockchains. And when the games are ready to play, the creator naturally saves on fees for making his game and receives a percentage of the revenues. The Decent. Bet works for both sportsbook and casino games in addition to predictive market games. A small portion of each bet that is placed through decent. Bet is taken towards a lottery that is run every month. Through the Decent. Bet website the player benefits as does the creator of the game allowing for full creativity at all times and from anywhere. In addition, everyone whether playing or creating benefits from a constant support that gives the creator of the games confidence in addition to confidence for the player. The decent. Bet is an innovative platform that is the first of its kind and it will not be the last, this initiative allows for total creativity in a secure and easy to use environment.