Two Hot New Slot Game

Red Tiger isn't the most famous name among software developers producing online slots today. However, that is changing thanks to their ever-expanding collection of engaging slots available across a range of casinos.

You can view their complete game collection on their website. That's where we learned of two new slot games that are ready for action now.

Ali Baba's Luck

The mere mention of Ali Baba gives you a clue to what you might expect to find in this game. A golden chest with the lid cracked open appears on the game logo, along with plentiful gems and gold coins spilling out of it.

The game begins on the usual 5 x 3 format. Meanwhile, the loading screen confirms that more than 5,000x your wager can be won. The detail on that screen alone promises this is going to be a good game to try.

The pays screen confirms there are expanding symbols involved whenever a winning symbol is found. The game also offers Dream Spins, golden symbols, and a Lucky Round. This is not your average slot game, for sure, and Red Tiger has done an excellent job of making a game that looks and feels exciting to play.

5 Families

The opening image we see of the 5 Families slot has two additional words underneath it - Members Only. Since the five characters shown in the opening image look like gangsters, we can agree with that.

The 5 x 3 game screen looks superb and features the characters previously seen when the game loaded. There are drinks, briefcases, and other Mafia-themed symbols to look out for as well.

Watch the chamber above the first and second reels as you play. Winning combos add a bullet to one of those chambers. You must get five wins in a row to fill it and enter the VIP Room.

You can stay in that room (offering free spins to the player) until you play five consecutive spins without finding a prize. Whenever a prize is won, it is worth five times the usual value. How long can you stay in there?

Two more great titles released by Red Tiger

Both are intriguing, but our pick is the 5 Families slot game, for sure. Try them both today and see if you agree with our assessment.