Jackpot Game Types at Drake Casino

Drake Casino wows you from the second you arrive on the site. For starters, it uses a cool shade of blue with a few splashes of red and gold around too. If that isn’t a good combo for an online casino, we’re not sure what is.

But we mentioned the jackpots in the title of this article. Does Drake Casino really have four separate types for you to find? You bet – and we’re going to tell you more about them here.

The four jackpot types

Here they are:

  • Super Slots Jackpots
  • Mystery Jackpots
  • Cash Grab Jackpots
  • Progressive Jackpots

The first three are featured in a selection of games from Arrows Edge. This confirms that the software developer is behind the casino, adding plenty of slots and other games for players to enjoy.

The final one is self-explanatory, of course. Progressive jackpots are the ones that gradually get bigger, giving you the chance to dream of a prize bigger than anything else you may have already won.

Access the categories to find the jackpots you’d like to play for

It’s worth noting that many of the Arrows Edge jackpot games have two or three of the jackpot types mentioned in our above list. You’ll typically see them across the top of the game.

The good news is that if you head for the games area and then view the categories, you can select the jackpot you are interested in. If the game you choose has more than one available jackpot, so much the better.

Remember that the odds are stacked against you

It is human to look at the jackpot amounts and to imagine what you would do if you won one of them. We all recognize that the odds of doing that are long. However, if you find an entertaining slot game with a jackpot provided on top of the regular prizes, it gives you another chance of winning something.

Try the great collection of slot games at Drake Casino today

Drake Casino has a comprehensive menu of games, most of which are slots. With lots of jackpots ready to be found there, this could just be one of the biggest and best casinos with jackpot slots up for grabs. Are you going to try it?