Carol of the Elves

Carol, the elves… two key ingredients for any festive online slot game, wouldn’t you say? If you are curious to know whether the Carol of the Elves slot is ideal for you this Christmas, our review should highlight the best bits and give you all the info you need to decide whether to play.

Play on a diamond grid for starters

Yes, this is one of those games that has blocker tiles included in the 5 x 5 screen that loads to introduce you to the slot. The introductory diamond works on a 1-3-5-3-1 format, offering 45 potential prize-winning lines to start with.

If you can smash some of those blockers, you could open up the entire grid. That would lead to 3,125 ways to collect prizes when they’re all removed to grant you the full 5 x 5 grid to play on.

Find prizes to remove tiles

It’s that simple to get rid of some of the offending blockers. Whenever a prize occurs, you get a respin too. This could land new prizes, and if so, you’ll go through the entire process once more. You’ve no doubt seen the respin element in many other games but pairing it with tile removals is a great feature in Carol of the Elves.

Blue and red stars

You may be disappointed at the lack of wilds in this slot game but watch out for the stars to appear. Winning combos create these stars, which can land in blue or red colors.

So, if you get a four-symbol prize combo, you get four stars appearing. The game collects these for you. For five red stars, you receive one life. If you are going through some winning respins and you hit on a losing one, you can use a life (if you have one) to get another respin.

For five blue stars, the base multiplier of 1x goes up by one position. So, the more of those you get, the bigger the multiplier you’ll receive when you score a prize.

Take Carol of the Elves for a practice spin today

The rules of the game sound more complex than they are. This is one of those games you’ll love once you get the hang of how everything works. And there is just one way to do that, and that’s to load the practice version available from Yggdrasil.