Computer Vs Mobile Play

When online slots first appeared, most players were sitting at their computers to play them. Then came tablets and smartphones, and as they became faster, smaller, and more powerful, so the slot games transferred to those devices as well.

While you can play many of the same games across these platforms, there are differences between the versions you’ll see on each. Here are a few key ones.

Touchscreen controls

This is the most obvious one, as you don’t have access to a keyboard or mouse when you play on a tablet or smartphone – not unless the keyboard appears on the screen anyway. In this case, an on-screen keyboard would only get in the way.

This means the mobile version of a slot is going to have touchscreen controls. These appear over the top of the game, so it can take a while to become familiar with them. Even if you’ve tried the same slot game on a computer, we’d suggest playing the demo for the first few occasions on mobile devices.

Smaller visuals

A smartphone screen is far smaller than any size computer screen. This means you could find it a little more challenging to see everything easily. The game keeps track of the outcome of each spin anyway, but there is no doubt that some slots are easier to play on mobile than others. Ones with plenty of detail can lose some of that on a smaller device.

Less background in some cases

This ties in with what we talked about above, with the visuals becoming more challenging on smartphones and tablets. In some cases, the reels will appear larger on these screens, leaving less room for the background to come into view. In some instances, there is little to show anyway, but in slots that do help set the scene like this, you can be sure you’ll have a difference when you check out the mobile version.

Will you prefer one version over the other?

With so many slot games to play, you can find plenty of titles to call your favorites. Most importantly, you can see whether some look fine on mobile devices and

whether you should keep others for times when you’re happy to play at your computer.