6 Reel Slots

Gamblers searching for something a bit less conventional can have fun playing around with 6-reel slot games. These slots have six reels instead of the traditional five, and they usually give players hundreds of play lines or cluster pay patterns to work with to achieve various prize payouts.

More Unique Designs

One of the most interesting benefits of playing 6-reel slots over standard 5-reel games is the added space for more unique designs. Many of these non-traditional slot games have different features, unique reel setups, and different perks that you won't see on basic slots. You can enjoy a more unique play experience with these games, and that should improve your gambling time even more.

More Winning Opportunities

More reels means more symbols which means more chances to win! When you play a 6-reel slot game, you have loads of different symbols flying around the screen to create different combinations to help you win effectively. These games often have more paylines or pay combinations available for you to make use of. It's common to have 720 ways to win or even 1024 ways to win with these slots, which means that you'll trigger prizes frequently, and the game maintains an intense and exciting pace as a result.

Exciting Prize Possibilities

It can be more difficult to achieve the biggest prize wins while playing these games because they require six matching symbols rather than 5, but the slots also offer larger payouts to compensate for this difference. That means you are likely to trigger more extensive and better wins while playing this game. If you're searching for the biggest and best prizes, you are more likely to get them with this game than with most others. Compare the jackpots and largest prizes in just a few different 6-reel slot games, and you'll quickly see how the cash can add up to huge payouts.

Enjoying the Top Games

If you're interested in trying 6-reel slots, there are many different options to choose from. Testing games like Raging Rhino gives you a chance to see how the games feel different and how their prizes compare to standard video slots. There are dozens of different 6-reel slots available from other online casinos. You should try at least one of them to get familiar with the different features and the play experience you can expect with these more unique slots.