Hot Drop Jackpots

Each year, it seems to bring a new type of special feature to online casino games. First, we got a variety of smart video slot features, such as stacked wilds, avalanche features, shifting times, special bonus rounds, and more. Then we enjoyed access to powerful progressive jackpot prizes. Now Bovada is offering a new type of jackpot, and these special perks are known as Hot Drop Jackpots. These special bonuses give players guaranteed chances to win during specific time frames or until a specific amount of money is built up for the game. If you watch these bonuses on the three games that are currently eligible for this special prize, you'll come to see when the perks are available and how much you can win by playing.

Three Different Jackpot Types

Hot Drop Jackpots are special time-based or amount-based jackpots that must occur before certain conditions are met. The hourly jackpot must pay out once every hour, which means the closer you get to the end of an hour, the more likely the bonus is to pay. There's also a daily jackpot that must pay once every 24 hours. This bonus can occur any time, but the chance of paying increases the longer you play the game. The final type of bonus is the Super Bonus. This special bonus must pay before it reaches $250,000 in value. The closer this bonus is to the maximum amount, the more likely it will be paid out. Each of these three bonuses can be active on one of the eligible slot games at Bovada, giving you up to three ways to win when playing any game.

Each Jackpot Must Pay Out

These specialty jackpots are exciting because they are guaranteed to pay out to someone. If at least a single player plays one of the games, they will be credited with this perk. If you play one of the eligible casino games, you'll enjoy your increased chances of winning.

Which Games offer Hot Drop Jackpots

There are only three different games at Bovada that currently offer this exclusive bonus offer. The first offering of Hot Drop Jackpots is 777 Deluxe. When playing this slot, look for the different bonus tabs to learn how close any of the offers is at paying out. The next game with Hot Drop Jackpots is A Night with Cleo, the beautiful Egyptian slot game. The game has the same bonuses, and it's highly entertaining for gamblers that care about that sort of thing. Finally, there is Golden Buffalo - and Hot Drop Jackpots are available for each of these three games. If you determine you want to play one of these games, it's worthwhile to spend the time getting familiar with the game and looking at each of these bonuses to help you spend the most time wagering on the slot and to ensure you have a good time while playing there.

Join a Bovada Casino to Try Hot Drop Jackpots

For a chance to win any of these three jackpots on the above-listed games, create an account at Bovada today and start playing. You can make use of any of the different slots at this casino to win as many of these intense jackpots as possible. The more you play the select games, the more likely you are to win one of them. Keep turning the reels and hope for the best to get a good value from this online gambling contest.