Olympus Fury Slots

Skillzzgaming isn’t the best-known software developer and slot provider online today. However, when you check out titles like Olympus Fury, you may wonder why.

We loved the theme – it’s a reliable one for sure – and we liked the presentation too. Sure, the gods are given a cartoon appearance here but there isn’t much wrong with that. This is an unusual game too, and thankfully there is a demo available so you can check it out.

Tap the 5 x 5 grid to begin

Huh? Yes, that is how this works. While we have seen 5 x 5 grids of reels in slots before, this one works differently. You must tap sets of three identical symbols touching each other horizontally or vertically to fill the counter at the top of the reels. When you complete one, you get a cash reward.

No more moves?

When this happens, you can see your prize shown on the gong and load a new grid. If you hesitate, any matching three-symbol set will highlight for you as a suggestion.

Is this a slot game?

No, but it does feel like to one. You can check the paytable before you play to see the values of each symbol that can appear. You’ll see letters from the Greek alphabet there. Some are more valuable than others, as you’d expect in a slot game.

Look out for different tiles

There is a bonus tile, a Mega Win tile, and a free games tile, for example. Now, you can see how the tiles can help you unlock features you would see in a slot game. Olympus Fury has lots to offer and once you get used to how it all works, you can see whether you’re able to play it beyond the demo version. We do suggest beginning with that though, otherwise you may feel lost for a while.

You can then read about the four Gods appearing in the game – Artemis, Zeus, Gaia, and Poseidon. Each has a feature you can hope to discover as you make your way through the game. This title certainly has way more involved than just matching tiles, but it may take a while before you fully appreciate the scope of the Olympus Fury online casino game offered by Skillzzgaming.