Stacked Valentine Hearts Slot

Sugar Rush Valentine's Day Slots

We cannot offer you a prize for figuring out where the theme of this slot game is going to take you. Love is always in the air in time for February 14th, so let's see if this slot brings us that fabled touch of romance. Stacked Valentine Hearts is a super title and one that holds plenty of promise, so will it be one to fall in love with?

A standard five-reel slot game

Five reels, yes… but we also get four symbols showing up on each one of those reels. There isn't much to the background of this slot, but you can expect a little bright pink and blue. The reels take up most of the screen anyway, so you won't miss the action taking place on those.

Who created this slot game?

This is a title from Inspired Gaming, so we guess we should ask if it is an inspired game to try. Valentine's Day and romance make the perfect combination. There are many other slots based on these themes, so where does this one sit in the scheme of things? Is it one of the best? Let's see what else it holds in store for us.

They've made wilds and bonus symbols easy to spot

One says WILD and the other says BONUS, and we guess you can work out which is which. The bonus is shaped like a heart and you might just fall in love with it if you can find three on the reels at once. This can happen on the odd-numbered reels of the game. If this occurs, you can play through eight free games.

This doesn't sound too generous, but the reels only feature the heart-shaped high-paying icons during these spins… oh, and the wild icons. That gives you great odds of finding some superb prizes over the reels.

The game includes a Gamble feature too

It's different from the usual gamble feature though. If you manage to get a prize worth 5x or more your bet on that spin, you can decide to gamble it. Now, as with any other gamble feature, this can result in losing out.

However, there are two wheels involved in this that set it apart from what you might have expected to see. The first one is a standard gamble feature for that bet, where you try and increase its value. The second wheel involves a chance to get into the free spins round. However, if you choose this wheel, there is a chance to get five free spins… or anything up to 30 of them. Given the array of promising symbols on the reels in that feature, you can see how the Stacked Valentine Hearts slot game is well worth your attention this February.