Vegans Vs Vampires Slot Game

If there were a competition for the most unusual title for an online slot, we think Vegans vs Vampires would win it. Do you agree? It's certainly memorable!

Set for release on October 29th (which just happens to be the day we're writing this), you'll be able to try it in time for Halloween. Does it live up to its amusing title or will it offer a darker tone?

A change to the usual vampire theme

Expect lots of color in this slot, which certainly has a cartoonish feel to it. Not the most dramatic vampire-themed slot we have seen - and that's a good thing. We doubt many people would want yet another dark and dramatic game to join the many already out there.

Expect bigger reels too

There are still five of them to spin, but each one has more icons on it than you might expect. These could potentially get bigger too, depending on what happens during the game.

You'll begin with a 5 x 5 set of reels offering 25 paylines. However, there is a chance you might increase the reels to six or seven high. That would result in more paylines - 35 for the first increase and 45 for the second.

Icons to support the title

There are vampire-related symbols in action as well as others based around the vegan part of the theme. The game's maker has had some fun with this, clearly!

Wilds help in the usual manner, while there are scatter symbols to look for as well. If you can find enough of those, there might just be some bonus features to come…

Triggering the Wheel Bonus

With three scatters on the first, third, and fifth reels, the wheel appears. There are 19 sections to this wheel, so you need to spin it to see where it lands. All but two display an instant prize. The other options are the Vampire Tower bonus and the Vegan Free Spins feature. Which one could you end up triggering?

Vegans vs Vampires is a daring title and one that does something different, for sure. We think lots of players who are looking for something varied to play this Halloween are going to like this one. We did, and it's a good one to play over a longer time too if you fancy it.