Wild O’clock Slot Game

You might think that time is an obvious theme for a slot game. Not so – it’s something that has rarely been used to inspire slots from any provider. We’ve seen one or two good ones though, and the new Wild O’ Clock slot from Red Tiger Gaming looks like being the best one yet.

Get ready for a 6 x 4 screen

Yes, there are six reels to load when you get started with this game. Each one stands four icons high too, so there is plenty to look at as you play.

The surroundings show clock workings – not in any detail but they help set the tone of the game.

Play from just 20 cents a time

You can bet more if you wish, and you can also try the demo first if you are curious to see how the game works. However, when you’re ready to try Wild O’ Clock for real, you can start with bets work 20 cents a spin.

Watch for the Clock Spins to begin

Find three Clock Spins logos and you’ll earn 12 free games. there is a win multiplier on each game, progressively getting bigger as you play. The final spin receives the biggest multiplier along with a random quantity of Super Wild icons to try and net a good prize.

The Super Wild appears as a full height icon, displayed as a grandfather clock. Very appropriate given the theme.

Super Wilds appear on every 12th spin too

The number 12 is obviously relevant given the clock and time theme in action here. You’re assured of at least one – and possibly more – Clock Wilds on the 12th spin and subsequent multiples of 12.

There are multiplier wilds involved too. Whenever a prize is won with the help of a wild, expect a random multiplier to appear. This can reach 8x at most. Oh, and the wild replaces everything else in play, so things could soon get interesting…

Stacked symbols are common

It appears that any of the symbols can appear in stacks on the reels of Wild O’ Clock. This can help you if identical stacks appear on more than one reel.

On our 12th spin of the game, we managed to collect several prizes thanks to the wild reel and stacked pocket watches appearing elsewhere.

This 6 x 4 game has many good features to enjoy. The theme hasn’t been overdone and the detail and presentation are superb. You can also enjoy the clock moving around behind the reels, so you can keep track of where the 12th spin is going to land. You’re sure to love Wild O’ Clock from Red Tiger Gaming, so make sure you don’t miss it.