Dream Zone Slots

Dream Zone… the words suggest more about this new slot game than the title image does. Can you enter the zone while playing this game, or are you going to be kept up all night wondering how to play?

Well… don’t worry – we’ve researched the game to bring you the highlights here. If you choose to play at a casino offering games from Elk Studios, you’ll soon know what you can expect to see in the game.

Get ready for some cascades among the stars

We like the sound of this. Three identical symbols in a cluster are enough to award a prize. Whenever this happens, a cascading feature occurs. You’ve seen this before, where winning symbols are taken out of play and new ones appear. This can create other wins occasionally too – without needing to pay for the extra game to occur.

Trigger a feature whenever you secure a prize

That’s right – one of four things occur whenever a prize is won. These are called Dream Features. It doesn’t seem as if these features are used on that spin though. Instead, they are reserved for use on losing spins after that point.

That’s a good feature, as it means a losing spin might be turned around into a winning one using one or more Dream Features.

Symbols can be upgraded or blown up during these features. A maximum of five wilds could be added. Meanwhile, a symbol might be selected as a scatter, meaning they can appear anywhere and still count for a prize.

Earn a Bonus Drop by clearing the reels

The 5 x 5 screen could be cleared if enough cascades happen in sequence. If this occurs, you can expect to see the Bonus Drop feature appear. You get three drops to play through at no charge, with double the usual prizes payable whenever something is won.

That winning multiplier can reach a maximum of 512x your wager too. If you managed to go through that many drops, you could end up with some good prizes.

Of course, we know the odds of that occurring are long. However, we can confirm the Dream Zone game is one to consider adding to your to-play list.