Wild Fire 7s Slots

WildFire 7's is a modern take on the classic slot game. This product has a few cool extra features, but for the most part, it is a classic slot with limited options to think about. It has all the classic symbols you would expect, though they are dressed up more than they are with many other games. Along with traditional symbols, this game has limited wagering options and just a few paylines. It's an interesting blend of classic and modern, and it's something we wanted to explore further. That's why we did a review of this slot.

Made by Realtime Gaming

Realtime Gaming is one of the most well-known companies in the world in the gambling industry today, and the company has hundreds of different games in its library, including this one. The company is known for creating high-quality gambling experiences, and you can enjoy playing the many different games offered by joining an RTG casino and testing the games there.

You Can Demo the Game

It can be intimidating testing a new game for the first time when your money is at risk. That's why it's nice not having to worry about that with this slot and many other new games from Realtime Gaming. It's offered in a free play mode, making it easy to try out the game before you spend your money on it. If you thoroughly enjoy the game during your test-play session, you can move on to risking money on it later. If you don't enjoy your time with the game, you can move on to a different game to see if you like that instead.

A Classic Slot Theme

This game is a modern take on the classic slot. It has BAR symbols and 7's, and it's simple looking but nice looking at the same time. If you're looking for simplicity without having too many extra features to think about, this game is a good fit.

Designed for Easy Play

There are only a few buttons for you to press while you play this slot, which means you can start wagering and turning the reels in just a few minutes after getting going with the slot. Get things going, and you'll have a good time testing out all the different features without having to learn any confusing bonuses or extra features.

A Progressive Jackpot Classic

This game has some elements of a classic slot and others from a progressive jackpot slot. Each spin you complete gives you a chance to trigger a progressive jackpot that only grows larger and larger over time. Even if you don't start this jackpot, you could unlock one of the different bonus features for an exciting additional boost. In contrast to the advanced features in this game, the slot has limited paylines, just a few symbols, and most of the prizes are small in size. It's an interesting blend of features, and it is only a good option for some gamblers.

Five Fixed Paylines

There are just five paylines in this slot, and they're always turned on. That means every spin you complete gives you five chances of winning prizes. Between those five lines, you could get a renege of different winning combinations. Spin the game reels and hope for a win from this game. There are only a few paylines which keeps wagers low but also limits the number of wins you can get in a single spin.

Just Two Betting Options

There are only two different wagering options when you play this game. You can either bet $.50 per spin or $1.00 per spin. Choose the wager amount you are most comfortable, but you are out of luck if you don't like one of those two different options.

A Low Value Paytable

With the highest prizes being limited to just 500 coins and most of the prizes being significantly lower than that, there isn't a tremendous amount of money to be had from the slot on single wins. You'll have to rely on multiple winning combinations in a single spin or chains of wins in order to get you the big wins. Many of the best prize payouts come from the free spin round, but wins are common, and gamblers win regularly.

A Simple Free Game Feature

Getting the free games symbol on the extra bonus reel of this slot triggers the free spin bonus round. When this round begins, you get seven free spins with a 5x multiplier on every single win you achieve. This bonus round is where all the most significant prize payouts are completed, and it's an exciting option for gamblers to look forward t as they play here.

Our Rating

We decided to rate this game a 4.0 out of 5.0 stars after playing it. We love the simplicity and the unique bonus reel offered in this game. Anyone can pick up the slot and start playing immediately. Our biggest complaint is that it has just two wagering options overall. The game also doesn't offer a considerable prize payout, though some major wins have been achieved through combinations of prizes. This slot is worth getting familiar with, and it's something you should take more time to enjoy overall.

A Medium Max Win

The biggest win you'll unlock while playing this slot game is just 17,850x your line bet amount. That's a respectable win, but it's much smaller than many other slot games offer. If you're searching to get rich off of a slot, this isn't the one to play. With that said, wins come frequently while you play this game, and it's very entertaining to experience.

Load the Game in Fun Mode

Before risking money testing this slot, you can play it for free in Fun mode. While in this particular mode, you get a play money balance and all the standard features of the slot. The game is simple to experience in this way, and you'll get familiar with everything that it has to offer before you decide to play using real money.

Easy Real Money Play

This slot is designed for real money wagering and can be played using a casino account balance. The minute you have an active account at a real-time Gaming casino and you complete your deposit; you can start playing for money. There are many different wager levels you can play at, so choose a level you are comfortable with and begin playing.

Designed for Portability

This simple slot game is the perfect gambling option you can take with you where you go. If you want to experience all the features this game has to offer; you can load it on your web browser on a smartphone or with a tablet and play it just like you would normally. The slot is full-featured and exciting to play, and it's something you can thoroughly enjoy anwhere you like as long as you have a reliable internet connection.

WildFire 7's isn't a perfect slot, but it has enough good qualities to be worth a try or two. Give this game a test play, and you'll quickly, and you may decide you really enjoy playing it. It's a blend of classic and modern, and it's pretty entertaining overall.