Sizzling Summer Slots

Celebrate the summer heat with Sizzling Summer, the online slot game. The game is set over a beautiful beach backdrop, and it gives you beautiful women to look at as you spin and try to achieve powerful winning combinations of symbols. We were immediately drawn in by the appearance of this game, but there are enough bonuses for the slot to appeal to other gamblers as well. Learn all about our experience testing this slot below, and maybe you'll be able to decide if you would like to try the game yourself or not.

Created by Arrow's Edge

This slot game was crafted by Arrow's Edge, a smaller development company that's known for creating quality games with impressive bonuses and entertaining features. This game fits into the slot library nicely, and playing this slot gives you access to many other games from the same developer, as well as games from other developers at many online casinos.

Demo it First

Like many other slots from this software company, you can test this slot for free if you're interested in it. Before spending any money on the game, you can load it and try out all its different features in Demo mode. While in this special mode, you use a free money balance, and you get to try all the different features still. If you play long enough in Demo mode, you will have a good experience of all the features and how the slot feels to play overall.

A Sunny Summer Beach Theme

The slot has a bright and sunny beach in the background while giving gamblers classic symbols to play with. There are card symbols, cherry symbols, and other simple symbols that you wouldn't expect on a summer-themed slot game. Even though the symbols are pretty simple, the slot manages to look nice, and we still enjoyed our time playing with it. We do wish the game relied on more unique symbols, though.

A Simple Video Slot

This video slot has five reels and a range of bonuses, but it uses a basic layout and is simple to pick up and start playing with. If you try the game once or twice, you'll get familiar with the features and how to make adjustments to the game as well. It's easy to get started with this slot even when you're new, and you'll build a high level of confidence rapidly.

Just Two Paylines

There are only two paylines for this slot, and they remain active the entire time you play the game. With so few lines in place, the wins are smaller from this slot, and they come infrequently. That doesn't mean it isn't worth playing through. Wagering is affordable, and it's easier to play this slot for an extended period than many others.

Limited Wagering Options

With just two paylines to work on, the wagering options for this slot are limited. Most low-stakes players will be comfortable placing wagers and gambling on this slot, but some high rollers will wish they could place larger wagers when playing the game.

A Simple Paytable

There is a small selection of symbols to work with when playing this game. For that reason, the paytable is easy to understand, and it's something you can get used to rapidly. The prize payouts in this slot aren't massive, but there are some decent wins that are possible when playing here.

A Pick Your Win Bonus

If you can get bonus symbols on the first and last reels at the same time, you will trigger the special bonus round of this slot. In this bonus, you choose one of the three symbols to uncover an instant prize payout. These payouts can be large and are exciting to choose.

No Free Spins

Some classic-style slots offer a free spin bonus round, but this game isn't one of them. Without a free spin bonus, you will have to pay for each turn you take, but there are still lots of winning opportunities, and the special bonus round gives you a chance to play for a payout without spending money to do so.

Just an Okay RTP

This slot offers an approximate RTP of 95.77% when you factor in the jackpots offered as you play. This payback percentage is decent, but it isn't as good as many other slot games available to play today. If you're searching for the most lucrative slot game available, this isn't the one for you. If you aren't bothered by playing a game that isn't going to pay you back the best, you can still have a lot of fun with this slot.

Rating the Slot

We tested this game over a long play session and got used to its features and how it feels to play overall. After doing all that, we decided to give the slot a 3.5 out of 5.0. The game is entertaining and offers some nice jackpot wins, but the standard prize payouts are smaller, and there aren't that many features to keep things interesting when you play through one round after another of the game.

Big Winners Walk Away with Thousands

The massive jackpot for this slot usually pays out between $40,000 and $45,000 in value, which means you could win a substantial amount of money while playing this game. If you're going to turn the reels and play this game, you have a chance at getting some of these big wins in the process.

Play for Fun

Even before you know you want to risk real money playing this game, you can try it out for free. There is a special demo mode available for this slot game that allows you to turn the reels and try the features without risking any of your money. Use this mode as much as you like before changing over to play with real cash.

Play with Real Cash Easily

When you decide you want to play this slot game using real money, you can swap to playing with real money with the press of a button. As long as you have a funded casino account, just select to play the game like normal, and it will load using your money. From there, you choose the wager amount you want to use, and you'll have a chance at some real wins from this game.

Take it on Mobile

Along with playing on a computer, you can take this game on most mobile devices too. As long as you have are connected to the internet, you can enjoy this slot and many others from the same developer with a mobile phone or tablet. The game runs smoothly on most devices and is simple enough to play on mobile that you won't struggle even with the smaller screen size.

Sizzling Summer is an entertaining game, but it's also simple in design. It isn't a slot for everyone, and some gamblers won't think it has enough features or a large enough prize payout to be worth playing. You'll have to test the game yourself to see if it's something that appeals to you.