Lovable Pets Slots

Lovable Pets is a newer slot creation from RealTime Gaming that tries to focus on creating something that pet lovers will fall in love with. From the moment you begin playing this slot, you'll see cute and furry pets that you can't help but fall in love with. We love the look of this game, but we wanted to learn more about the features as well. That was the first goal we had when creating the review of this game, and that's what we dig into down below. Keep reading to find out what there is to enjoy about this slot past the cute exterior that it shows off.

A Game By RealTime Gaming

This slot was crafted by RealTime Gaming, and it shows off beautiful styling and gives players access to some enjoyable bonuses and special features as well. Because this game is part of that developer's library, playing at casinos that offer it gives you access to hundreds of other options as well. You can pick and choose the games you love when playing here, and you'll enjoy access to many other high-quality games too.

Test and Demo for Free

It's not obvious whether players will enjoy this slot game or not until they try it for themselves. That's why it's vital to test the game thoroughly on your own. You don't have to spend your money in order to do that. The game has a free play mode you can run it in that works just the same as the paid version. The only difference from one version and the next of the game is that you will be using play money while in the play version. If you're okay with playing without a chance to win real money, you can test the slot for free and for good, but if decide if you enjoy playing it during that time.

Cute and Cuddly Pets

This slot game is made to show off different cute pets. The entire time you play, you'll be looking at puppies, kittens, hamsters, fish, and more. These sweet and smiling pets are sure to put you in a good mood and will make you feel glad you picked the game up and started playing it. If you enjoy the look of this slot, you will likely enjoy playing the game overall.

A Basic Slot Layout

The game has just a few different buttons for you to work with and play. Other than the autoplay and speed buttons, you just have a max bet button and wager adjustment buttons and spin. The few buttons on this slot's layout makes it easy to start playing when you aren't familiar with the game. New gamblers can start in just a few minutes.

A Video Slot Game

This video slot has powerful features, cool animations, and beautiful symbols. There is no progressive jackpot for you to try and win. The game offers bonus features, lots of cluster pay opportunities, and a bunch of different tools to help you cash in on payouts. It's all the small perks that make the slot special even without a progressive jackpot for you to try for.

4096 Ways Pays

There aren't any paylines for this slot game. Instead, you spin the reels hoping to unlock one of the many possible cluster pays. You can win using one of 4096 different paying combinations. Orient paying symbols one of 4096 different ways, and you'll trigger prize wins just like that.

Limited Wagering Options

Since there aren't any paylines, you only adjust a single set of plus and minus buttons in order to set your total wager amount. The minimum wager amount is a high $5.00 per spin, and the maximum is a decent $50.00 per spin. There are only a few options between the minimum and maximum wagers, and you may struggle to find a wager value you're comfortable with while playing here.

Small Payouts

The wins in this game aren't very large, and you'll have to rely on getting many of them in order to walk away with a significant amount of money. The best prize payout is worth just 250 coins and scatters only worth up to 10x your entire wager amount. These prize amounts are minuscule compared to what most other slot games offer. The game does offer frequent prize multipliers worth up to 7x your winning symbol combination. The slow also pays out prizes frequently, so those small wins can add up fast.

Random Re-Spin Bonus After Losses

Anytime a loss occurs during the base game of this slot, there is a chance that you'll trigger the re-spin bonus feature. This randomly triggered feature gives you a re-spin for free. The bonus continues giving you re-spins until one of them results in a prize win. When you finally get a win, that win is multiplied by between 1x and 7x for an even greater win. This feature triggers regularly, and you will begin to rely on it to improve your play experience with this slot game.

A Respectable Free Spin Round

Lovable pets comes with a free spin bonus round that triggers whenever you have three or more scatters on the reel of this slot. When you have three or more scatters, you'll have between 8 and 16 free spins to go through. As you go through these spins, you'll get between 1x and 7x multipliers on every win you achieve. This bonus is one of the most lucrative times to play the slot, and it's something you can count on to get you some big wins. If you're playing this slot game frequently, you'll be hoping for this feature to trigger each time.

We Don't Know the RTP

This slot is newer, and RTG hasn't released the payout values for it just yet. That means we don't know the exact value of this slot, but we expect it to pay out about 96% of the money that's taken in while you play. If that figure is accurate, this slot is a good value and worth playing. There is no guarantee that the game is actually a good value, though, so we won't recommend the slot based on the value at this time.

Rating the Slot

We've tested all the features of this slot game, and we're more familiar with what it has to offer overall. After getting this information, we are confident in giving this game a 4.0 out of 5.0 stars. We lowered the score of this game because of its lower maximum payouts as well as the uncertain RTP value. This slot is still beautiful to look at with good bonus features, though, and we can confidently recommend the game to most gamblers that are interested.

Small Max Wins

The biggest win you can get from this slot on a single payline is 1,750 coins, which is worth a maximum of $17,500 with the largest wager in place. That's a decent win, but it isn't as large as some other slots have to offer. If you can get one of these wins, you'll certainly enjoy your play session with this slot, and it's possible to get multiple wins in a single spin, but you shouldn't expect to have life-changing wins from this slot.

Fun Play Supported

It's possible and supported to play this game for free for as long as you like. You can pick up this slot game and enjoy it for as long as you like while playing with a free money balance. You won't spend your own money while playing a game like this, and you can change to playing with real cash whenever you want to.

Wager with Real Money Easily

When you're ready to risk real money on this slot game, you can do so without having to go through any special steps. As long as you have a casino account with money in it, you can open this game and play it like normal to risk your own money in hopes of unlocking some exciting prize payouts.

Take it on Mobile

This game is designed to work on most devices, including mobile devices. That means you can take the game with you wherever you go, and you can play it on a range of different devices as well. If you're worried about getting stuck behind a computer when playing this game, you don't have to worry about that at all.

Overall Lovable Pets was impressive. The game is beautiful looking, it has powerful re-spin and free spin features, and it's easy to play. If you are searching for a slot that is highly entertaining, and you don't care about getting a game with the largest jackpots, you can have fun with this slot game and should test it out.