Bigfoot Mountain Slots

Bigfoot Mountain Slots is a jungle-themed slot game with a mix of powerful features designed to make it as interesting to play as possible. The game is all about the search for Bigfoot, and as you play, you'll get glimpses of the famous creature. It's up to you to find Bigfoot and uncover riches with your discovery. Below we look at the bonus features, the prize payouts, and the different functions of this slot. See our review for more information, or test the game for yourself to see if it's the slot for you.

Developed By Arrow’s Edge

The game was created by Arrow's Edge, a well-known development company with more than 100 different games to choose from. This slot is lovely to look at, and it blends in well with most of the other creations in the slot company's library. If you enjoy other games from Arrow's Edge, you'll likely enjoy this game as well.

Demo the Game Simply

If you want to learn more about this slot, you can do so without spending money. It is available in a Demo mode that runs for free. In this mode, you play with a play balance, and all the features of the game work the same. You won't win any real prizes, but you will become familiar with the features of the game until you're ready to start wagering real money.

A Cool Jungle Theme

You'll feel like you're trekking through the heart of the jungle, searching for the famous Bigfoot as you play this slot. It has eerie music, strange shadows, and a bunch of cool jungle-themed symbols for you to look at as you spin and play the game. It's a lot of fun and should be a favorite for many gamblers that try it.

A Simple Design with Powerful Features

This slot is designed for simplicity, and it's easy to play for any gambler. There are only a couple of buttons to press in order to spin and wager, but there are spreading wilds and a bonus wheel to make the game interesting each time you spin.

Win Huge on This Progressive Jackpot Slot

This game comes loaded with special features, including one linked Super Progressive Jackpot feature. This jackpot is linked to several different games and gives you a chance to win upwards of $50,000 if you're fortunate enough. This special feature can trigger at any time, but gamblers usually walk away with huge payouts from it. Keep turning the reels of this slot, and you could trigger this feature.

75 Locked Paylines

Each time you spin the reels of this game, you'll be wagering across 75 paylines. The slot has lots of lines, and they are all locked in the on position. This means you have lots of winning opportunities to enjoy as you play, but it also means that you'll spend more to turn the reels.

Simple Betting with a Huge Range

We love the wagering range of this slot, though some low-stakes players won't want to turn the reels. The lowest wager you can set is $0.75 per spin, and the maximum is an intense $300.00 per turn. Between those two highs and lows, there are loads of wagering options, and you make adjustments with a single set of buttons to raise and lower the value of your coins. Make your simple bet adjustments until you're ready to play.

A Low Value Table

The biggest payouts for this slot are just 1,000 coins. This is a decent payout, but nothing compared to many other slots we've tried in the past. In order to get a big win while playing this game, you must get a cluster of wins, a series of wins, or trigger the progressive jackpot payout. Do any of these three things, and you could walk away with thousands of coins or more.

Spin the Wheel for Major Wins

Each time you spin the reels, you have a chance of getting Bigfoot footprints across an entire reel. Each time a reel is filled with these footprints, you trigger one or more spins on the prize wheel. You could get up to three spins at a time, and this powerful reel gives you a chance to land some impressive instant prize payouts.

No Free Spins

This slot game doesn't have a free spins feature. The closest it gets to a free spins bonus is the prize wheel feature that triggers random instant prize payouts.

A Lower than Average Value

This game offers a maximum return of just 94.37%, which isn't great when compared to other slots available to play. If you're looking for the game with the best possible value, this just isn't it. There are other slots that will pay out much more money. This game is entertaining, though, and it isn't a horrible value if you decide that you want to try it.

Rating the Game

We test-played the slot game for a few hours before deciding to rate it a 4.3 out of 5.0 stars. We were impressed with the prize wheel as well as the spreading wilds, and it's impossible to ignore the appearance of this game. The slot isn't perfect, though, and we wish it offered more lucrative instant payouts. Even still, this game has some real potential and is a lot of fun.

Big Wins from the Progressive Jackpot

It's possible to win more than tens of thousands of dollars while playing this slot, thanks to the massive shared progressive jackpot. The jackpot rarely triggers, but when it does go off, it's worth a fortune. If you're searching for a game that's worth a massive amount of money, this could be a decent option for you to consider.

Enjoy Fun Play Mode

When you're trying to get to know this game, you can test-play it for as long as you like in Demo or fun play mode. While in this special mode, the game functions normally, but you use a play money balance. If you get wins, they are all in play money, so you won't walk away with any actual prize payouts. You can play the game in this mode for as long as you like, and many gamblers sit through long sessions testing the game in this way.

Play with Real Money

If you're hoping to get a real money win from this slot, it's easy to play using your casino balance. As long as you have a valid casino account, you can load the game in real money mode and play for the prize payouts. Be mindful to wager an amount of money you're comfortable playing with, and you should have good results while playing this slot.

Works on Nearly All Mobile Devices

It makes no difference whether you have an iOS or Android device; you can play this slot on nearly every mobile product. The game starts up in a web browser and works on tablets and smartphones. The slot looks nice on a small screen and is a real pleasure to play on most devices that you could own.

It's easy to see why gamblers enjoy playing Bigfoot Mountain, the online slot. The game isn't perfect, but it features lovely graphics, comes loaded with powerful bonus features, and pays out frequently enough to be interesting over time.