Jackpot Sevens Slots

Jackpot Sevens is a neon glowing classic slot loaded with 7's, BAR symbols, and other traditional symbols that you've likely seen on 50 different slot games already. These features are simple, and you might not have many other slot games that are less unique than this one, but that doesn't make it a poor option. See our rapid review and learn why we can recommend this game with confidence.

An Instant Progressive Jackpot Slot

Even though this game has a classic look and it seems like a simple slot, it offers a progressive jackpot payout that players can unlock as they play. This jackpot isn't huge, but it's worth playing for most gamblers. This jackpot is won by getting the jackpot symbol on the special bonus reel of this slot.

A Neon Classic Slot

This game combines neon colors and bright lights with the looks of a classic slot game to create a unique blend that stands out nicely. The game is brilliantly colorful when you spin, but you'll see all classic symbols that you're familiar with as you spin.

5 Fixed Paylines

Play over five paylines with this classic slot and have a decent number of chances to win with every spin, thanks to the modern design. Prizes occur regularly, though not as often as on more modern video slot games.

Basic Betting

If you decide to use this slot, you have limited wager options to work with. You can bet a low of $0.50 per spin, and you can wager a high of $25.00 per spin. Somewhere in this range, you'll have to play the game, but it's up to you if the options work for you or not.

Win More with the Bonus Reel

This game has a fourth reel that's only for special bonus symbols. This reel doesn't always land on a prize symbol, but when it does, you can use it for free spins, instant prize multipliers, and access to the progressive jackpot win. This special reel is always turned on, adding another element to this otherwise simple slot.

Big Prize Win Potential

Gamblers often associate classic slots with small prizes and less excitement, but that's not necessarily the case with this game. You can win as much as 17,850 coins in a single spin while playing this game! That's a bunch of cash, and it's a massive boost to most bankrolls when you wager an amount of money that fits your balance nicely.

Free and Real Play Modes

This slot has both free play and real money modes available to players that want to change between the options. Choose the way you want to play when opening this slot, and you'll get the experience you want.

Play on Mobile

This simple game works good on mobile devices and is clear even on small smartphone screens. Take this slot anywhere with an internet connection and enjoy the features and the gameplay of the game along the way.

Jackpots and Sevens is one of the few classic slot games that has a progressive jackpot bonus as well as a unique bonus reel that helps trigger a variety of special features. This game is simple to play, but it's more complex than other classic slots. Gamblers that like this unique blend of features will fall in love with this game.