Shining Hot 20 Slots

Things are certainly hotting up in the Shining Hot 20 slot game. This game won't be ideal for every player, but you need to know more about it before you can decide whether to play. Here we go then, with some facts about this game to help you work out what to do.

Who is the developer?

This comes from Pragmatic Play, and it looks quite unlike many of their other slots.

It still provides you with a demo though

Yes, your testing ground awaits, so load the demo and try it for size to see what it's like.

What's the theme?

This is a basic slot in many ways, offering a classic fruity approach. Expect oranges and lemons, cherries, and plums among other things.

Does it have a great design?

This is a traditional design, with flames in the background and the fruit on the reels. Apart from that, there isn't too much to note.

The basics of the Shining Hot 20 slot game

This is a five-reel slot, not the three-reel fruit-filled one you might have imagined. There are no progressives to chase after here. It includes a fiery wild diamond with flames around it, and a flaming gold bell as the scatter.

How many paylines are there in Shining Hot 20?

The title reveals the answer… which is 20 lines.

Sort out your bets first

As with many other games from this developer, you can play multiple coins per line if you like, going up to 10 in this case. The coins range from a penny up to 50 cents a time.

Another sensible paytable too

You can always count on Pragmatic Play to deliver a fine paytable to read. That is true here as well, hidden behind the usual info logo underneath the first reel.

Don't expect any bonuses in this game

In common with plenty of fruity slots, this one doesn't offer any bonus rounds.

There are no free spins either

You won't see any of these in this game.

We have an excellent RTP value here

This game comes in above average at a delightful 96.33%.

Our rating for Shining Hot 20 slots

This is basically a five-reel version of a standard three-reel fruity slot game. It does have a wild symbol, but the scatter is responsible only for delivering scatter prizes and not for triggering any special spins. It's a good fruit slot though, ranking at 7/10 in our opinion.

Five bells ring in the best prize

The paytable shows the prizes adjusted to reflect the coins chosen before you play, so make sure you decide on those before looking at the prize values. That said, finding five scattered bells on the reels is going to bring you by far the best prize.

Play the demo to find out more about Shining Hot 20

Could this be your new favorite fruity slot? Try it and you'll soon find the answer.

Play for real wherever you spot the Pragmatic Play logo

Plenty of casinos carry their games, so you shouldn't have any issues finding it.

Mobile action available as well

Play the slot game on Android or iOS devices if you prefer.