Winds of Wealth Slots

Have you heard of the Winds of Wealth? Can you feel them blowing your way? We're going to find out whether these winds bode well for you or not, to find out what's on offer in this online slot game. Let's follow the cherry blossoms coming into view to see where they might lead us…

A note on the developer

This is one of the most recent games to come from Betsoft, promising plenty of potential upon its release.

Betsoft always delivers on the demo format

They have delivered once again here too, with a practice game featuring everything you can expect to see in the real version. It comes with demo coins to use as well.

Expect an Oriental theme for this one

Our mention of beautiful cherry blossoms might have given that away. Expect to see a lucky white cat along the way too.

This is another beautiful design from Betsoft

We'd have to look back many years to find a Betsoft slot game that didn't look amazing. This one offers a sublime 2D experience, and while there are no 3D effects here, the slot has leaves flying in the background and ladies with umbrellas on the reels. You might also see fans and other Oriental-style icons.

Here's how to play Winds of Wealth

There are no progressive jackpots here, but you can expect a large 5 x 4 set of reels to play on. A gold coin with a square hole in the middle is the wild. It can substitute for all other symbols except for the scattered white cat. The wild lands on every reel apart from reel one.

Paylines in Winds of Wealth

There are 30 lines available in this game. They're fixed from the start, so you need to play all 30.

What's the minimum bet?

You can bet 30 cents on the slot for starters, equating to a penny on each line. They provide other bet amounts too, maxing out at $30 per spin.

Check through the scrolling paytable first

This explains the many features of the slot, so you can get an idea how it all works before you play.

Bonus features to watch for during Winds of Wealth slots

All the reels contain mystery symbol positions for each spin. They're all taken up by the same icon before the spin, so you could see lots of the same symbol - apart from wilds and scatters.

There is also a chance of getting the random Winds of Wealth bonus feature. This follows any spin, whether you scoop prizes from the spin or not. All the lower paying symbols are removed from the reels and new higher paying symbols appear as the remaining ones cascade down the reels. Once you have only high paying symbols and wilds, you'll receive any prizes from those and then go back to the next spin.

Free spins come via the white cat

Three white cats will bestow upon you 10 free spins. If you find four, you'll receive 15 spins, but five white cats is the best outcome, offering 25 free spins. Each triggering combo brings a scatter prize too, of course. The aforementioned Winds of Wealth feature has a much bigger chance of triggering during these spins. You can also secure further freebies by finding more scatters as you originally did while playing the free spins round.

The RTP comes in at the desired level

We like to find games with the standard minimum of 96% in action, and this one just tips over the edge of that at 96.04%.

Our rating for Winds of Wealth

We must give this one 9.5 out of 10, dropping a tiny bit for the lack of a progressive jackpot and no 3D elements. Aside from that, it is pretty much perfect!

Always choose your bet before checking the paytable

It's an intuitive paytable, which means it will show prizes related to the bet amount you are going to play with. Hence why we say you should choose that first.

Demo play allows you to 'buy' the free spin round

You can buy it in the real game too, but it does cost you and there is no guarantee you will get that amount back in prizes. You can watch as the background changes and you can see how the free spins pan out.

Play for real if you like the many features in Winds of Wealth

There is a lot to love about this slot, so if the minimum bet fits whatever budget you've got in mind, you can see what you think of it if you play the real thing.

Winds of Wealth also appears on mobile platforms

You can play this on a desktop computer, for sure, but iOS and Android devices are fine too, offering touchscreen controls to enjoy the game in a different way.