Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin Cash is a cryptocurrency that was created in August 2017. It came into being after a Bitcoin blockchain upgrade, during which a few BTC miners refused to activate what's known as Segwit, and without going into too much technical detail, Bitcoin Cash split from the original blockchain and although is very similar to regular BTC it has a larger blocksize and is therefore forked from the BTC chain. BCC as Bitcoin Cash is known, quickly became a very popular coin with traders and investors, as well as being offered by many US casinos as a banking option.

Bitcoin Cash casinos appeared soon after the currency was created, and many of them welcome both Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. Each casino featured here allows for fast, simple and convenient Bitcoin Cash deposits, and when withdrawing, as with Bitcoin, the Bitcoin Cash is back in your wallet very often the same day as you make your payout request. You're able to enjoy a whole load of great slots and games action both on your home PC and in Bitcoin Cash mobile casinos and the future looks very bright for this alternative to Bitcoin with new casinos welcoming the currency each month.