Novacoin was created in 2012 and is an altcoin that works much in the same way as Bitcoin and Litecoin, offering fast, cheap and safe transfers. It rapidly became a very popular cryptocurrency among worldwide traders and following in the steps of many alternative currencies it soon found its way into the world of real money online casino gambling. Novacoin casinos, while at present a small amount will no doubt grow in number and each one offers good Novacoin bonuses and provides a great slots and games selection to your home PC or your iOS or Android mobile device.

A standout feature of Novacoin is that it's much easier to mine than Bitcoin, requiring much less energy on the part of the miner, appealing to crypto fans for that reason. That means it's set to stick around as an alternative to Bitcoin which is great news for Novacoin casino players, and we'll be updating the selection of Novacoin flash and mobile casinos right here as they are launched.