If you want to use a cryptocurrency that is both anonymous and completely safe and secure, Verge is worth a look. Online transactions should always provide complete privacy, hence why many people have opted to use the Verge cryptocurrency. You can download a wallet for the currency that is suitable for your desktop computer, whether it runs on Windows or Linux or you've got a Mac computer. There are Android wallets available too if you have an Android smartphone or tablet and wish to keep your Verge currency secure in a wallet for that device. Verge is built on Bitcoin and has developed elements that aim to improve the original currency.

Casinos that Accept Verge

Verge is known on the markets by the three-letter code XVG. If you are looking to use a cryptocurrency for privacy reasons, you can count on good security levels and anonymity whenever you use it. You can download a Verge wallet that is suitable for your desktop computer or opt for a mobile wallet instead. Android wallets, Linux wallets, Mac wallets… you can choose whatever works for you. The Verge currency is derived from the original Bitcoin blockchain, in common with many other virtual currencies around today. It does strive to improve on the original blockchain, though.