Magic Money Maze Slots

A certain American president appears on the loading screen for the Magic Money Maze slot game. Could this suggest what might happen in the game itself? We shall soon see, as we gradually reveal what happens inside this slot below. We are told there are riches to discover, but what does that mean for the paytable? Let's find out more as we venture into this maze together.

Which developer created the Magic Money Maze online slot game?

This is another delightful slot from Pragmatic Play. Their name automatically gives this slot a good start, don't you think?

It also means they're giving us a demo version

They are always reliable on this score, and you can see that's the case here too. Load this version first to find out how it works.

What's the theme for this slot?

Money is the chosen theme here, and more specifically, American banknotes. You'll see several famous Presidents as they appear on those notes too.

A monetary design to suit the theme

Pragmatic Play has given us more detailed slots than this, but the appearance of the Presidents, along with the banknote-style background on the reels, gives this one a fascinating appearance. Expect dollar signs and banknotes settling around the reels too.

How to play the Magic Money Maze slot

This game has five reels, with three symbols appearing on each of those. It doesn't provide you with a progressive jackpot, unfortunately.

It might surprise you to learn there is no wild symbol here, although there are some other important icons to note. The first of these is the Magic Money Maze Bonus symbol, which says just that on the icon itself. The second is the Money symbol, and this displays a shining banknote.

Not many paylines in this one

Only 10, in fact. You'll need to play them all, too.

Betting possibilities for this game

The smallest bet is 10 cents, so this does qualify as a penny slot. You can choose between one and 10 coins on each of the 10 lines, and coins go from a penny to $2.50 each, giving you a huge range to work with.

The paytable should be your starting point

This tells you how all the game features work, although we'll explain them below as well.

Looking for the Magic Money Maze Board featured bonus round

This requires three, four, or five bonus symbols to land. You'll then receive one, two, or four lives for the subsequent round. This displays a board game where the idea is to avoid the scorpions and the snakes and to move around picking up prizes. The four Presidents are there too, and collecting one of those by landing on it means you'll collect a multiplier. You can sit back and watch as the game progresses, to get the hang of how it works.

While you can buy this feature if you wish, we suggest doing so only if you are playing the demo game. There is no guarantee that you might get back more than you pay to play it otherwise. The demo version does let you get a better idea of how it works though.

One other simple feature to mention relates to the Money symbol. You can score a prize for landing three or four of these as per the paytable. Each spin sees the Money symbols showing a random value. If you land five in the same spin, you'll receive the total amount for all symbols shown.

No free spins in this game

We doubt you'll miss them given what else is going on.

This game has an excellent RTP value

Anything set at 96% or above is good, and we found a confirmed figure of 96.61% for this one.

Our rating for Magic Money Maze

We liked this and it does try to do something different. It can be a bit tricky to follow the progress of the maze feature, but since you can just sit back and watch, it's cool to reach that stage if you can. We're giving this high volatility slot 8/10.

Can you get close to the biggest prize?

The maximum value for prizes is a cool 10,000x your bet.

Make sure you play the practice game first

We always suggest you do this to learn more about the game. Since this one is different from many others, it's sensible to play it.

Play the Magic Money Maze game for real

If you join a casino offering games from Pragmatic Play, look out for the Presidents to play this one too.

You can even play on mobile

Yes, fans of Android and iOS can easily give this one a try on their devices.