Shining Hot 100 Slots

Shining Hot 100 suggests we might be able to guess a few things about this game before playing it. We're going to launch into our review here, so you can see whether your own guesses might prove accurate. Let's take it for a few spins to see what it might offer.

Can you guess the name of the developer?

If the Shining Hot name sounds familiar, then yes, we think you'll know who created this one. It forms part of a series, all using the same title with a different number at the end. They all come from Pragmatic Play.

Demo action is once again assured

Load the practice game to see how it all rolls before committing any of your budget to it.

The theme remains the same throughout all the Shining Hot slots

Shining Hot 100 carries a fruit-based theme, with lots of flames around too. That confirms the hot part of the title.

Expect a pared down design for this Pragmatic Play slot

One thing you can usually count on with games from this developer is a detailed appearance. There is a certain amount of detail here too, of course, but it is far simpler to look at than many of their other titles. You'll spot bananas, oranges, cherries, and plenty more traditional fruits on the reels.

Let's check out the basics of the Shining Hot 100 slot game

We have five reels, each adopting four positions, but zero in the column for progressive jackpots. The game offers a wild and a scatter, both showing flames around them. You can see the wild labeled as such, in the shape of a diamond. The scatter is a gold bell, another classic symbol of fruity slots.

Can you work out the payline quantity?

If you guessed 100 lines, well done, you picked up on that clue! They're fixed, so you do need to bet on all 100 lines.

Place your bets on the slot game

While the default coin quantity is three per line, you can reduce this to one or raise it to 10. The coin values are deliberately on the low side, going from a penny to 10 cents. This means the minimum bet to cover all the lines is a dollar per spin.

No problems finding the paytable

Look just below the first reel out of the five and you'll see the info button there.

Bonuses don't appear in Shining Hot 100 slots

This is a basic game in many ways, as seen in this section of our slot review.

It doesn't come with a chance for some free spins either

The scatter can bring its own prizes whenever you find three, four, or five anywhere in the same spin, but you won't get any free games for those outcomes.

The game offers a sizeable RTP value

The return to player rating for this game is an impressive 96.32%.

Our rating for Shining Hot 100 slots

This is clearly a bigger version of a classic slot featuring lots of fruit. If you want one of those with many more paylines to bet on, this is the ideal one to try. We're giving it 7/10.

Look for scatter prizes if you can

Pragmatic Play games often list paytable prizes according to your chosen bet. Make sure you choose yours before viewing the prizes. Regardless, though, the scatter prize for five of those landing in any combination of positions is easily the biggest prize you can get.

Will you test this one first?

At one dollar per play at the lowest level, we think this is the best course to take if you're curious about trying the game.

Participating casinos allow members to play for real too

If you've found the demo version, you need only log into your account (or sign up if you prefer) to switch over to real play.

Mobile accessibility

You can also try the Shining Hot 100 slot on your Android or iOS device if you wish.