Take The Kingdom Slots

Take the Kingdom is an intense slot game focused on the idea of a dragon trying to take a kingdom from a king and his subjects. The slot has a unique appearance and shows off stunning graphics that help to make it into something special. Not only does the game look enticing, but it comes loaded with excellent features that can help you get win after win. Try this game in Demo mode or play with real cash and play for one of the huge prize payouts possible with this slot.

Crafted by BetSoft

BetSoft is a well-known software company in the gambling industry behind some of the best games ever created. This company decided to make this unique slot and to input all the specialized features in the game as well. We love how this slot works, and players will love having access to all the other games in the BetSoft library when testing this casino game.

Demo it First

This game is provided with a Demo mode if you want to test things out first. If you choose to play the game in demo mode, you’ll get access to all its different features without spending your own money. That means you can easily start wagering online and enjoying all the game's perks without taking any actual risks.

Take a Kingdom as a Dragon

This particular slot challenges a dragon to try and take the kingdom from a king, knights, archers, and other enemies. The game has all sorts of medieval warriors and weapons to showcase, and it features stunning fire animations and a cool-looking dragon. This game is stunning to glance at, and it stands out for its appearance compared to even other modern-day slots.

7-Round Bonus Cycle

This intense slot is split into cycles made of seven spins. During each set of seven spins, players generate fireballs that count down to an explosion of wilds. It’s important to build as many fireballs as possible during these spins to unlock the most significant prize payout possible at the end of your seven spins. This special feature is an excellent reason to play for at least seven spins and always playsets of seven to avoid missing perks and prizes.

Fixed Jackpot Video Slot

There are many varieties of slot games available today that it’s essential to understand what type of game you’re playing before testing a new option. This slot is a fixed-jackpot video slot with modern features and impressive payouts but no progressive jackpot prizes. That means that the maximum prize payout doesn’t change and the biggest win you can get is always the same amount.

25 Locked Paylines

There are 25 paylines that this slot uses, and each of those lines can hold a coin worth between $0.01 and $0.40. This gives you limited wagering options, but it means that you have a range of wagers to utilize when playing this game.

Limited Wagering Options

The minimum wager amount for this slot is $0.25 per spin, and the maximum is $10.00 per spin. This is a good range to work with, and it gives you enough options to keep things comfortable for some gamblers.

Low Value Paytable

This online casino features a set of low-value paytable prizes. If you play the games at this online casino, you’ll be playing for maximum single-line wins like $28.00 or $9.60, and that’s with the largest wagers in place. To get the best wins, you must win on many lines at once, and the best prizes come from the bonus features and not standard wins.

Buy the Bonus Feature

Players can purchase the special free spin bonus round offered by this game at any time. Unlock a total of 12 free spins by purchasing one of the bonus options and enjoy access to the game’s most entertaining feature. When you purchase the bonuses, you can select how many wilds you get per spin, which allows you to experience the most generous free spin round if you like.

Lots of Wilds Free Spins

Getting three or greater scatter symbols triggers the free spin bonus round in this slot. This special bonus round is impressive because it rewards players with 6, 9, or 12 wilds during every spin! The number of wilds is decided at random before the feature begins, and once it’s selected, the number remains the same throughout the bonus round.

Moderate Value Game

This online slot offers players a decent value they can look forward to. Gamblers get 96.53% of the money spent back as wins while playing this game. That’s slightly better than the average rate, and it makes this game a decent value for players interested in maximizing their chances of winning.

Our Honest Rating

We spent hours testing this game to decide on its final rating and whether we should recommend the game to others or not. We decided to rate the slot a 3.8 out of 5.0 stars. This slot is entertaining and offers the fireball wilds and the intense free spins bonus round. The slot looks nice, and it has enough perks to keep things interesting over time.

Just Okay Max Wins

It’s possible to win as much as 3,640x the maximum wager amount while playing this slot. That’s a decent prize payout, but it’s not a life-changing amount of money for many players. The maximum wager amount is just $10.00 per spin, which means the most won on a single spin is $36,400.

Switch Between Free Play and Real Cash

It’s possible to play this slot game using real money or wager on it with a free money balance. The option you select determines how the game feels to play and what you’ll think about this game overall. New players often begin in free-play mode to learn how the game works and then switch to playing with real money later to try for prizes.

Enjoy the Game on Mobile

This slot game works just as well on mobile devices as it does on full-sized computers. That means you can play the game on tablets and smartphones. To play the games on mobile, you must load your account in a mobile browser. The casino account should open and run properly on most mobile devices, making it easy to enjoy all the features of this online casino.

We wouldn’t say that Take the Kingdom is a perfect slot game, but that doesn’t matter. It’s entertaining and enjoyable and certainly worth a test play.