Money Cart Slots

Money Cart is the unique animated slot creation from Relax Gaming that we weren’t expecting much from. We were blown away by the stunning graphics and animations of this game, but that doesn’t even compare to the powerful bonus features we discovered while testing the game. Learn why this is one of our most highly recommended slot in our rapid review below.

A Cart Robbing Frenzy

This slot takes you to the Wild West, where train robbers were common, and traveling with carts of valuables was risky. The slot focuses on three different wanted robbers and challenges you to collect these criminals for the largest prize payouts. This animated slot has some of the best graphics we’ve ever witnessed, and we can’t help but recommend it for that reason.

Epic Wagering Options

When you play this game, you could risk a low of $0.10 per spin up to a high of $500 per spin. That’s the type of range that nearly every gambler can enjoy, and this range means you can enjoy this slot game.

Small Paytable and Big Bonuses

The base prizes offered by this game aren’t much, but the real value comes from the re-spin bonus feature of this game. While in this particular bonus round, you’ll build up huge prize values and uncover loads of wins as you go through one re-spin after another. The best part is that you’ll unlock the re-spin bonus round frequently while playing this game.

Re-Spins for Any 3 Matching Symbols

Getting three matching symbols takes you to the re-spin bonus round. While in this round, you can get the Widener bonus feature that adds reel, you can get the collector or payer bonus features as well that increase the values of other symbols and prize payouts as well. These special bonuses amplify the prizes during your re-spins, and getting an additional matching symbol resets the re-spin counter back to three again, giving you even more free spins to play with these bonus features in position.

Grab up to 20,000 Coins

You can get up to 20,000 coins during the bonus round of this game, and winning this much cash during the re-spin bonus stops the round and rewards you with the cash immediately. The bonus is the part of this slot you’ll look forward to most, and it’s the reason we recommend the game besides for its beautiful animations.

One of the Best Values

Money Cart is one of the best value slot games that we know of today, thanks to its 98% prize payout rate. That means that the game pays back 98% of the money it takes from players as bonus cash. That’s an unheard-of rate that few other slows can meet.

Free Play Supported

There’s a free play option with this game if you just want to test things out. This mode is readily available for anyone interested, but you can’t win real money when you play this way.

Money Cart is a fantastic online slot that plays differently than most other games we’ve experienced. It isn’t perfect, and it doesn’t always result in big wins, but it’s highly recommended, and we rate it 4.9 stars of 5.0 stars making it one of our most highly recommended games ever.