Lucky Catch Slots

Lucky Catch is a sea-themed slot that features different fish, wild sharks, and a beautiful seascape that stands out for its appearance. If you’re searching for a beautiful slot to play, this game might be it. We were impressed by the look of the game and decided to completely review this slot. Below are our results and a quick look at the game and all it has to offer you. Read through our review to learn more about this slot game and determine if it’s a good option for you or not.

An RTG Creation

This slot was made by Realtime Gaming, a major software development company in the gambling industry. Joining any casino with RTG games will give you access to this slot along with hundreds of other high-quality options. If you’re a gambler that enjoys variety, you can have a lot of fun with this game and RTG casinos in general.

Test it Free

It can be intimidating trying to learn a new slot or deciding if you even like a game while wagering with real money. That’s why it’s often better to play in demo mode instead. While in this special mode, you can get a feel for the different games without risking your own money in the process. You can play this game free while you learn the features and then switch to playing using your casino balance after you decide you enjoy the game.

A Bright Sea-Themed Slot

We immediately loved the design of this game, and it’s clear that the developers put a lot of emphasis on making the game look nice when they created it. The moment you try this slot, you’ll notice the glowing sea-themed symbols, brilliant colors, animated bubbles, moving wilds, and more that make the game look beautiful. It’s one of the nicest looking underwater-themed games that we’ve seen in a long time.

Designed for New Gamblers

This game is simple to play and doesn’t have too many different options on the interface, making it ideal for new gamblers searching for simplicity. Load the game up in your browser, and you can begin playing as soon as you set a wager value using simple plus and minus buttons. Other than adjusting the value

An Interactive Video Slot

This slot features bonuses; it has many paylines, it comes with powerful wilds, random prize wheel payouts, and more. It’s a high-value and exciting game, and it’s the type of game that you’ll come back to again and again. There isn’t a progressive jackpot on this game, but it still packs in enough features to make it worth playing, in our opinion.

25 Paylines

There are 25 paylines for this slot game, and they can’t be adjusted in any way. Players that use this game will wager on all 25 lines with each spin they complete. That means that you’ll have 25 opportunities to get a win with each spin you complete. It also means that you’ll spend 25 coins in order to complete a spin while playing this game.

Different Wagering Options for Everyone

There is a range of wagering options to choose from as a player here. Whether you want to keep your bets small or your want to wager big, you can do that while playing this game. Adjust your wager to a high amount as a high roller and spend more money while playing for the big wins, or turn your coin value down and reduce the risk you take while you spin. It's your decision how you want to play the game, but you should be comfortable with the wager value you have set while playing.

A Respectable Paytable

This slot game offers a decent paytable for you to utilize while you play here online. It’s possible to win thousands of coins from a single winning combination as long as it involves the right symbols. That’s exciting and a serious perk of playing this slot game. The moment you open this game, you’ll have access to powerful winning combinations and can use the wilds to help you get some good solid wins while playing here.

Free Spins You Can Re-Trigger

This slot game has a free spin bonus round that can be re-triggered over and over again. Not only can you get many more than the 15 free spins while playing this slot, but you can win big thanks to the bursting wilds feature. The shark wilds have a chance to spread out where all the fish symbols are, creating powerful winning combinations. As you play through multiple rounds of free spins, you will come to expect some exciting prize payouts. Spin the reels and hope to trigger this powerful bonus round.

Win Randomly

There are loads of different prize-paying combinations of symbols you can win with while using this game, but even when you don’t get a winning combination, you can still win. During those moments of the game, when you haven’t unlocked a winning combination o symbols, the game can randomly payout prizes. There’s a random prize feature that gives out sizeable payouts, and it’s just the boost you’ll be hoping for while playing this slot.

An Undefined RTP Value

We don’t have an RTP value for this slot, which means we have no clue what percentage of the money taken in is paid back out as prizes. Because of that, we don’t know if the slot game is a good value or not. Without this information, it’s impossible to recommend this game to everyone, but there are still many gamblers that will enjoy the game even if they don’t have the guarantee of a good value while playing.

Rating the Game

After fully testing this slot, we can honestly rate it a 3.9 out of 5.0 stars. We gave the game this rating because it’s enjoyable to play and offers impressive prize payouts, but the wager selections jump dramatically, and the game lacks some of the powerful bonuses that similar slots have. Other than that, this game is enjoyable, and many gamblers will have a good time with it.

Win Thousands of Coins

A single win can award you as much as 20,000 coins when playing this slot game. That means you could win big while playing here, and it’s something that can happen in a single turn. That’s great news if you’re a gambler that’s hoping for big rewards, but it isn’t easy to get these wins. You’ll have to unlock the best win using the most valuable symbols in the game. No matter how much you’re wagering when you get that win, it will change your gambling experience for good.

Enjoy the Game for Fun

You can play without spending money on this slot if you want to. It’s possible to play the game just for fun if you like, and when you do, you’ll enjoy the same features of the game as well. If you decide you want to play the slot in this way, you’ll get access to the bonuses and more; you just won’t wager real money while you play. Instead, you’ll play with a play money balance and won’t get a chance to get any real money wins while playing. Many gamblers enjoy this form of online wagering, and demoing the game in this way can be an entertaining way to play for as long as you like.

Play Using Real Money

If you’re hoping to win real money from this slot game, you can accomplish that goal by wagering using your cash balance. As long as you have a casino account that's active at a Realtime Gaming casino, you can play this slot using real money. Open the game like normal and place a wager that you’re comfortable with to get things started.

Swap to a Mobile Device

Along with being able to test-play the game and enjoy it on a computer, you can also take this game with you on the move. The slot works on smartphones as well as tablet devices. The game works in a browser and does not require special software to play. If you’re looking for a portable slot game, this is an excellent option to consider.

Lucky Catch is an entertaining undersea adventure that’s worth exploring if you’re into different bonus features, powerful free spin rounds, and more. Try it yourself, and you’ll quickly see the game’s potential for yourself.