Larry's Lucky Tavern Slots

Larry's Lucky Tavern is a newer slot game with a fun leprechaun theme and some interesting bonus features. This game isn't the perfect slot, but we noticed some features we loved when testing it. To learn about the good things about this game, as well as some of the bad, follow along with this review that digs into everything it has to offer.

Made By Woohoo Games

Woohoo Games is a newer development company and only has a small number of titles available for players to choose from. The games the company offers are all high-quality, though, and they often show off unique features or different animations than you would expect to see on a slot.

Try it Out

This game can be fully tested without spending any real money because it's available in a play money version. Load the slot in this mode, and you can immediately begin spinning the reels and wagering at any level you like without risking your own money. You are free to play in this mode for as long as you like, and the longer you play, the more common it is that you'll trigger some of the different features of this slot.

A Nicely Animated Leprechaun Theme

We've played more than a few leprechaun slots, but this game is one of the nicest to look at. From the animated leprechaun that's moving around to the side of the reels as you play to the brilliant prize trails and dancing symbols, there is a lot going on in this lush green slot game. It almost looks like a backdrop out of a fairytale story, and the appearance of the game is one of the reasons we decided to test the slot in the first place.

A Clean and Unusual Design

We were a bit surprised with the design of this slot because it places the controls at the right-hand side of the reels. The spin button, autoplay, and wager adjustment tool are all on the right instead of the bottom like most slots. We prefer this setup and wish more games would follow this slot's design for a nice clean look. The game uses just a few buttons and is very simple to play.

A Vibrant Video Slot

This video slot game has two bonuses, some brilliant animations, and just enough movement and special features to make it more complex than most classic slot games are. Even though you won't play for massive progressive jackpots with this game, you'll still have a chance to get some big wins from here.

50 Fixed Paylines

There are a total of 50 paylines you'll play on while using this slot. Between all those different lines, you have an excellent opportunity to come away with wins with every spin you complete. The paylines cannot be adjusted, and they make it necessary to place a wager on 50 lines every time you want to spin. That's not a huge issue, though; it just requires a slightly larger investment than some low-stakes players will want to make.

A Decent Betting Range

The minimum wager for this game is $0.50 per spin. The maximum wager is $100.00 per spin. Most gamblers are comfortable with figures somewhere between those values; it can be challenging finding the perfect combination, though, especially when there are limited wager values to choose from. If you want to place a wager that's somewhere between the highest and lowest bet values, you may struggle to reach the amount you want to wager.

A Modest Paytable

There aren't any huge wins on the paytable for this slot, and even getting a combination of high-value symbols will only result in a few hundred coins. That doesn't mean this game isn't worth playing or a low-value slot, but it does mean that you can't rely on just a win or two to make things interesting. When you play the slot, you'll be hoping to get many different wins. Play for a long combo of wins, and you'll start to see the true potential of this slot!

Win Immediately with the Drink Bonus

This slot offers a fun Drink Bonus you can trigger instantly by getting three matching drinks. Do that, and you'll be whisked away to a drink bonus where you can unlock instant prize payouts that are based entirely around your wager amount. The higher you wager, the more you can win from this powerful bonus!

Unlock Multiplier Free Spins

One feature we love about this slot is the free spins bonus round. The round is initialized whenever you get three or more free spin symbols anywhere on the reels. Once you do that, you get up to 15 free games with a 3x multiplier on any wins you achieve. This bonus triggers occasionally for most gamblers, and when it does, it results in some nice prize payouts. Unlocking this bonus just one time is often enough to turn an entire play session around and make it into a profitable experience. Once you unlock this bonus round, you'll want to play it again and again. It's possible to trigger this bonus round again if you get the symbols once again. It's also important to note that getting a wild symbol on the central reel of this slot expands the wild to make it occupy the entire reel.

Multiplier Wilds

The wild symbols in this game serve as multipliers when you have several of them in a row. Get three on the same payline, and you'll enjoy a 3x multiplier on any prize it creates. Get four on a line, and you have a 5x multiplier to work with. Wilds can help you create some of the best prize payouts this game has to offer for this reason!

Just an Okay Value

This game gives out 96% of the money it takes in as prizes for its players. That's a decent return for a slot, but it isn't the best we've ever experienced. The game is a good value, though, which is impressive because of how entertaining it is. When you take a slot that's nice looking and entertaining, and you make it a decent value as well, you have a lot to look forward to!

Our Rating

After taking the time to fully test this slot, we are happy to rate it a 3.8 out of 5.0 stars. We wish there were more wager options, and the paytable was a bit more valuable, but the wins are good, the slot is entertaining, and it looks beautiful.

Big Winners Can Earn Thousands

The best wins from this game undoubtedly come from the free spin bonus round, where prizes are tripled in size. It's not rare for players to win thousands from this bonus, especially when wagering the maximum amount while playing. If you're playing this game hoping to win a huge prize, you may be fortunate enough to do just that.

Enjoy Fun Play

There's no need to spend real money on this game if you don't want to, not when it's available to play for free online as well. Enjoy the slot at whatever wager level you like most and experience all the features that come with this game as you test it out. While in the demo version of the game, you can play for as long as you like using a play balance, and you'll experience all the same features that other gamblers do.

Try for Real Money Wins

When you're ready to unlock cash prizes and enhance your bankroll, you can do that effectively by playing this casino game. The slot is available with real money wagers and gives you an opportunity to walk away with huge wins if you're fortunate enough. Play the slot with your casino balance, and you'll have an opportunity to get some wins.

Designed for Mobile Devices

This slot is optimized to run on a range of different-sized devices, including smartphones and tablets. It doesn't matter if you're using an iPhone or an Android device; you should get this game to run well on most items you have. This slot loads fast and runs in a web browser, so you can switch devices and continue playing like you never stopped in the first place.

It takes time to get into this slot, but we think many gamblers will come to love the game after testing it. It's simple to play, has impressive bonuses, and comes with a few additional extra features like the multiplier wilds that make even standard spins exciting to go through.