Western Call Slots

Western Call is an online slot game that focuses on the beauty of animals from the American West, and it benefits from nicely drawn cartoon symbols. The game itself has some interesting features, such as progressive jackpots and unique bonuses. Find out exactly what the game has to offer and if it's something that you'd want to play by reading through more of our review below.

Developed by Arrow's Edge

Arrow's Edge is a smaller development company that's known for having some beautiful slots but smaller prize payouts in general. If you want to play this game, you'll likely have to join a casino with Arrow's Edge games along with offerings from other development companies. That means you'll get access to a variety of slots and more and probably more diversity than if you chose games from other software companies.

Test it First

This game was developed with the idea of appealing to brand-new gamblers by adding in a test mode for free. Players that would like to learn more about the specifics of this slot can try things out without spending their money. Simply load the game in a browser and choose the demo option. If you do this, the slot loads and plays like normal, but you'll gamble with a play money balance. This mode is convenient for new players or for players that just want to gamble for fun.

A Western US Theme

The Western portion of the United States is often romanticized, and that's the whole theme of this slot game. It showcases some of the animals that call the West home and has a pretty simple look overall. If you want a game with grizzly bears, buffalos, eagles, and more, you'll quickly see the appeal of this slot.

A Clean Design

Some slots have too much going on across the screen, but this isn't one of them. The game has a single row of buttons, and it shows off the jackpots at each of the upper corners. Other than those things, the slot is clean-looking and easy to work with. Even gamblers that haven't used slots before should feel okay with this game and its options.

A Progressive Jackpot Slot

There are two different progressive jackpots you can win while playing this game. If you play the game for long enough, you'll have a chance to win either of these prizes, and they can be worth thousands of dollars if you're lucky when becoming a winner. The values increase over time and they payout at random.

28 Adjustable Paylines

There are 28 paylines you can wager on with this slot, and they're fully adjustable. If you just want to wager on a single line, you can do that. If you want to wager on all the lines, you can up your chances of winning with each spin you complete as long as you're willing to wager on all the available paylines. Gamblers quickly fall in love with the flexibility this game offers in terms of its wagering options.

Highly Flexible Wagering

We love all the different wagering options that are available to gamblers using this slot game. From the first moment you play this game, you can bet as little as $0.01 per spin to as much as $252.00 per spin. The huge range of wagering options makes this slot game perfect for every sort of gambler you might find. To adjust your bets, you choose the number of lines and the bet per line to get your final wager amount. With two sets of adjustments, wagering is a bit more complicated than slots with set payline amounts, but the amount of flexibility you gain for your wagers is excellent.

Just an Okay Paytable

We weren't very impressed with the payouts offered by this slot when looking over the paytable. The game pays out up to 1,000 coins from a single winning combination on one payline. That means you could win up to 28,000 coins if you are fortunate enough to get the top value payout on all the lines together. Even though the values on the table for this slot are low, there are several bonus features along with an always-on wild symbol to help you win when you play.

Free Spins or Instant Prizes

If you get three or more of the bonus symbols, you'll either get an instant prize payout or one of the different free spin bonus rounds. During these special rounds, you can make some of the other animal symbols into wilds along with the buffalo symbol. You'll get either five free spins or 15 free spins, depending on what triggers. We like the bonus round because it's random, and you don't know what to expect when playing the game. We do wish that the instant prize payouts were larger, though, and found ourselves hoping for one of the free spin bonuses.

An Unknown Value

Some slot developers list off the payout percentages for their games, but Arrow's Edge does not. We don't know how much of the money taken in that this slot pays out as prizes. We can only guess at the payout percentage for this slot, so we can't comment on the overall value of the game.

An Honest Rating

We decided to give this slot a 3.8 out of 5.0 stars after playing it for several extended sessions. We deducted a bit to compensate for not knowing the payout percentage offered by the slot. We love how exact the wagering is with this game but wish the paytable prizes were larger. This slot pays frequently, and it appears to be a good value, and we recommend it to gamblers that like the looks of the game.

Big Wins Can Occur

This game isn't known for its huge prizes, but there are a few ways you can get sizable wins. The line wins are small, but you could win over many different lines at the same time for up to 28,000 coins in a single spin. There are also multiple progressive jackpots that can be worth thousands when you play. Between these different features, players do get huge wins from this game on occasion.

Try Free Play or Gamble with Real Money

This slot is designed so that players can toggle between free play and real play depending on how they want to interact with the game. For entertainment purposes only, you can play with a free money balance and just try to get the best wins and experience the features of the game. If you're hoping to win real cash while playing, you will have to choose the real play mode and gamble that way instead. No matter which of these two options you choose, you'll have lots of entertaining experiences with this slot.

Try it on Mobile

We were skeptical when we learned that the slot offers mobile support but were surprised by how well it performs on most phones and tablets. The game is meant to run on Android and iOS devices, and it runs in a modern mobile web browser. No apps are required to play this slot, and you can easily switch between different devices while enjoying this slot game. If you don't like being stuck in one location while gambling, you'll love the game's mobile support.

Western Call is a cool-looking slot game with a nice set of features. We love the cartoon-style symbols as well as the random bonus feature and the potential for multiple wilds. Although we wish we knew the exact value of this slot and that prize payouts were larger, we were impressed by the range of wagering options and the overall flexibility of this game too.