5 Times Vegas Slots

5 Times Vegas Slots

5 Times Vegas is a classic slot game designed to appeal to gamblers that like simple games and basic features. We were impressed by the stylish appearance of the game but weren't overwhelmed by features or massive prizes when we first visited this game. Players that would like to learn more about the game and what they can expect when trying it should take a moment to read through our review. It's a chance to get to know this slot and all it has to offer. See more below.

A Bovada Creation

This slot was made by Bovada, a well-known slot developer with experience creating some of the more appealing games. This company is known for making high-quality classic slots, and this game follows that theme nicely.

A Basic Classic

This game is a classic slot in the true sense of the word. It has the standard features you would expect from a classic. There are just three paylines, the paytable is displayed next to the reels, and all the winning combinations are obvious. The multiplier wilds add a bit of variety to the game and give gamblers more ways to win, but this slot is still clearly a classic.

Old School Vegas Theme

This game has a classic Las Vegas fruit machine theme. The symbols are neon and look a bit more modern than those on some older machines, but you'll still feel like you're playing an old-school slot machine when you sit down to play this game. If you like that classic look, and you're looking for something a bit more traditional, this could be the right game for you.

3 Always On Paylines

There are three paylines active for this slot game, and each of those lines is another winning opportunity. Whenever you place a wager while playing this game, you'll be using all of those lines to do so. Wagering is easy since the active lines aren't adjustable, but you'll have fewer chances to win than you do with many other slot games because of this.

Easy Wagering

To place a wager, select "Bet Amount" and choose one of the ten buttons that appear on the screen. A rapid button press is all that's needed to decide which wager amount you'll use, and then you can go to playing this slot. Wagers can be set to a low of $0.09 per spin at the low level all the way up to $120.00 per spin at the high level. Decide on an amount you're comfortable with, and then start spinning the reels from there.

Easy Autoplay

This slot comes with a basic autoplay feature that makes it easy to adjust your wager amount and tell the slot to automatically go through a series of spins for you. Turn on the feature, and the game will go through between 10 and 100 spins for you. It's also possible to set this slot to keep spinning forever without stopping. It's up to you to choose the settings you like the best overall.

A Basic Paytable

There are only simple prizes on the 5 Times Vegas paytable. The game includes fruit symbols, diamonds, bells, BAR symbols, 7's, and multipliers up to x5. The x5 symbols lead to the largest prize payout worth 1,000 coins and all the other wins are smaller with this slot. The multiplier symbols are all wilds, and they lead to some substantial prize wins when you're lucky enough.

Wild Retriggers

Getting a wild on the third reel will re-trigger a spin on the 2nd reel of this slot. Anytime you get a wild on the last reel of the game, you'll have an opportunity to win more on the central reel. That re-spin feature leads to prize payouts frequently and is an exciting feature that players often look forward to.

Wild Multipliers

The only bonus feature this slot game comes loaded with is the multiplier wilds. These special symbols complete prize payouts and multiply your winnings at the same time. Use them to enhance the wins you get while spinning this slot, and you could end up with some significant payouts as a result. The wilds will appear on any of the reels, and it's possible to get a combination of them to activate some impressive multipliers.

Demo this Game Free

It's possible to demo this slot game if you're interested in getting to know it but don't want to spend their money on it. That's because this slot runs on most devices for free, and it will load in a web browser without any special software.

Easily Place Real Money Wagers

This slot game is designed to make it as simple as possible for gamblers to bet their own money and attempt to win. Wagering takes moments to complete, and once a wager is placed, it's easy to start spinning and hoping for one of the clear prize wins on the paytable listed next to the reels. This slot doesn't leave players with any sort of mystery to uncover, and they can easily enjoy all the game's features from the first moment they begin playing.

Small and Frequent Wins

There aren't any huge prize wins available in this slot. Instead, gamblers can win as much as 1,000 coins on a single line per spin. That gives the luckiest players the opportunity to win up to 3,000 coins on a single spin, but they would need every place to be covered with x5 wild symbols for that to happen. Most of the time, smaller wins will occur, and it's very common to get prize wins while playing this slot game.

Practically Designed for Mobile Play

The simplicity of this slot game's layout makes it the perfect option for gamblers looking to game on mobile devices. Players can easily load this slot game in their mobile browser and play it on a small screen while viewing all its options clearly. The game is designed to fit well on a long and narrow screen, such as a smartphone or tablet, and it looks good on most Android and iOS devices. There is no app to download to play on mobile devices, making this game very easy to play.

Rating this Slot

After fully testing this slot game, we decided to rate it a 3.8 out of 5.0 stars. It's enjoyable to play and designed to appeal to fans of classic slots or gamblers that demand absolute simplicity from their games. We like the re-spin feature and the multiplier wilds, but the prize values in this game are underwhelming. There isn't much money to be won while playing this slot, and that's too bad. If you want big wins, this game won't meet your needs. If you're looking for frequent prize payouts, you may not mind digging into this game a bit more.

5 Times Vegas is the clean, simple and enjoyable slot that many classic slot gamblers are searching for. It isn't perfect, but it's good enough to make many players very happy. If you want something simple, you'll have a good time with this game. Try it for yourself to see what's so appealing about it, and it won't be long before you understand the appeal of this game.